Scola Instant Offense for The Pacers



The role of six man over the years has changed quite a bit. Bruce Bowen was the old prototypical sixth man when he was a Spur. Before he reached status as an elite defender he earned it by coming off the bench and causing havoc. Raja Bell was similar in this role as a 76er before showcasing his offensive skills as a Phoenix Sun.

Nowadays players that come in off the bench as a sixth man are coming into score. They lift the second unit offense with their quick baskets and often times can spark the first unit on the bench upon substitutions. Jason Terry, Jamal Crawford, and JR Smith have been some of the better sixth men in the NBA over the last several years. Except when you mention their names you’re not going to attatch defense to their skillset.

Luis Scola is filling that same exact role as a Pacer. He was a part of an early season trade involving the Phoenix Suns that went unnoticed for how close to the season it was. One of the faults of the Pacers in years past is their stagnant stretches offensively. It has happened less this season thanks to Scola’s contributions.

When he comes off the bench you can bet it will be under three offensive possessions before he puts up a shot. He is averaging just about 9 points and 5 rebounds a game in sixth man role type of minutes. Its small averages to think about for a fantasy basketball roster but a quiet consistent impact that could be the bonus the Pacers need to get over the top this season.

Keep in mind Danny Granger still has not played a minute of action. This team still has a few gears left to accelerate that we have not seen yet.


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