Room For Error

Game planning for favorable matchups is one of the hardest aspects of fantasy football. Making the right or wrong decision of who to start and who not to start can be a be the decisive factor, between a win or a loss.

It’s a situation that cannot possibly be predicted, as the majority of minor role players have big weeks unexpectedly. Then when you give them a chance to start they prove why you didn’t risk them in the lineup.

When Sunday is over though, it shouldn’t be over for your fantasy football team. On paper almost every team is finished, but the daunting Monday Night football game, shapes up the complete weekend.

Monday night football is one of the safest bets to keep your team in the thick of things. Prime time players and mediocre players play big under the spotlight, especially on Monday nights. Who knows why that brings the best out of an athlete, but it’s a protect your back thing for fantasy football.

It’s like Randy Moss playing against Dallas, you just do it because good things are going to happen.

When is the last time you’ve seen a low scoring Monday night game?

The whole objective of Monday Night football games is to stray away from boring games. That’s why the Cardinals, and teams with prior losing seasons don’t take center stage.

In fact last season twenty one times a team scored twenty four points or more on Monday night. Including the back to back weeks of Seattle vs. Dallas and Kansas City vs. Tennessee, in which all the teams were near or over forty points.

It’s a nail biter for a fantasy team if they’re done on Sunday. If the opposing team is down by eight points, and has a kicker left for Monday, it’s almost a guarantee the team with the kicker will come out on top. It’s just previous trends and easy mathematics that configure to that easy calculation.

Don’t be left a team that is staring at the tube angrily on Monday. Adjust your lineup accordingly. Only if your matchup is absolutely horrendous on Monday night, then you should start that athlete.

It adds some extra trash talking that can carry over an extra day as well. With the type of monster performances that have happened on Monday night, a fantasy team could be down by twenty or more and still win. That’s when praising the fantasy football gods for your “W” is worthy.


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