Quarterback Rankings

By Zack Cimini

1. Peyton Manning:He owns this spot until he retires
2. Donovan McNabb: Eagles offense is rolling
3. Daunte Culpepper: Aw, Moss is back
4. Drew Brees: TD to interception ratio is 21 to 3
5. Tom Brady: Knows how to lead a team
6. Trent Green: Vermeil is always QB friendly
7. Michael Vick: Rushing stats make up for weak passing stats
8. Brett Favre: Continues to get it done
9. Ben Roeslinberger: Will hype catch up to him in playoffs
10. David Carr: Consistent young QB
11. Matt Hasselbeck: Needs to get his team back on track
12. Chad Pennington: Will be back to give the Jets the attack they need
13. Jake Plummer: The snake loves his young-old duo with Lelie and Smith
14. Carson Palmer: Chad Johnson is helping Palmer?s development week by week
15. Aaron Brooks: His play can be horrible, but he puts up stats
16. Kerry Collins: Needs to settle down on INT?s
17. Byron Leftwich: Are they going to be able to secure a wild card?
18. Marc Bulger: Should be better with the wide receivers he has
19. Jake Delhomme: Panthers are back in the hunt with teams slipping
20. Drew Bledsoe: Bills could finish the season very strong
21. Brian Griese: His doing what he can
22. Kelly Holcomb: Taking advantage of his new opportunity
23. Steve McNair: Retirement?
24. Patrick Ramsey: Once looked like he could be an NFL QB
25. Kyle Boller: Is developing slowly but is developing
26. Joey Harrington: Has slid down the most of QB?s
27. Vinny Testaverde: Days are numbered
28. AJ Feeley: Showing heart by playing hurt
29. Tim Rattay: 49ers screwed their entire season with bad moves
30. Chad Hutchinson: Deserves a shot
31. Eli Manning: Threw a couple of nice deep balls
32. John Navarre: May be his only start ever this week


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