Process With Losman

JP Losman’s development into as a starter in the NFL is going to be a long process. Many can argue that the Bills could have done this last year, especially if they planned on canning Drew Bledsoe like they did. Losman can only wish that he had gained the experience of rookie mistakes that Eli Manning was able to last season. Losman may not be classified as a rookie, but his play will be reminiscent with highlights comparable to Alex Smith every week.

The Bills did defeat the Colts 17-10 in their first preseason game, but it had little to do with the offense. A special teams blocked punt for a touchdown, and defensive support were the major helping hand in this one. In fact, Losman was never settled on his feet, and appeared to bounce in the pocket like a pinball. He even took off a couple of times to try to get rid of some of his nervousness.

If you’re in Losman’s position, you had to of expected this, and the key is to move on. There are three more meaningless games to try to play with a clear mind. Mistake free ball is key in the regular season, but now is the time to test what you’re seeing on the field. Maybe a throw or lane he sees turns into an interception in the preseason. Those types of mistakes will help Losman correct his senses out on the field, and benefit in the long run of the regular season.

Indianapolis has never been known for having a strong defense. With more than half of their starters out on defense, that really makes the inaugural debut of Losman look even worse. Confidence can only grow with time and good performances. The Bills will keep Losman’s game plan simple and direct, so that confidence can grow. Even Ben Roethlisberger didn’t throw the ball deep or even attempt too many passes. The Steelers let their ground game win, and Roethlisberger just made key conversions when needed.

On the bright side, just take a look at what happened with Drew Bledsoe and Dallas against the Arizona Cardinals. Bledsoe displayed his same flaws that have kept him from reaching elite heights. He held onto the ball way too long and that led to two sacks and a fumble. Losman may make his fair share of mistakes this season, but they’ll cut down. Unfortunately that can’t be said at all in Drew Bledsoe’s case.


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