Pickup Of The Week

By Zack Cimini

As we head toward the final weeks of fantasy football, the season dwindles down to the real troops. After earning a playoff birth with a steady record, there is nothing like finishing the season with first place. In order to do that, you?re going to need to have a steady dose of what you were doing in the first place, and also add a player or two that?s stock has rose just in time. If not, someone else will snag that player, and pull off the quick upset to send you home.

The quarterback position right now is one of the shakiest, if you don?t have Peyton Manning. Donovan McNabb has put up solid stats, but last week was a downer for him. It just goes to show there aren?t any sure fire quarterbacks out there besides Manning. Even Mike Vick is showing that he isn?t worthy of a first round pick anymore, until he showcases that he can throw the football.

So if you?re in a juggernaut position at quarterback, I?d take a look at picking up Josh McCown. McCown had a nice week against the 49ers, and really doesn?t have anything to lose. He already knows that Dennis Green doesn?t want him, and it showed last week as he actually looked to take chances. Taking chances can be a good or bad thing, but McCown has shown the ability to protect the football. He isn?t going to put up outrageous numbers, but if you?re in a bind it may be an option to think about.


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