Pickup Of The Week

By Zack Cimini

AJ Feeley surprised a lot Monday night by not giving up and forcing the football. 90 percent of the time this season Feeley has cost Miami games by throwing costly interceptions. In fact, Miami has been ahead and many games this season only to have the offense lose the game. Monday, it was the defense that was giving up points, but Feeley and the Dolphins offense never gave up. The defense finally came up with a few big plays and it set off the crowd and the Dolphins offense.

That type of play is what Miami expected when they traded a second round pick for him. This week is the deciding factor for many fantasy football leagues, and starting the Feeley may be a beneficial idea against the Cleveland Browns. It?s just a thought if you?re regular starting quarterback has a tough matchup. The Browns and Dolphins haven?t played much defense as of late, and that means a lot of big plays offensively.

By know means should you consider Feeley to be a franchise fantasy quarterback. It?ll take more than just this final stretch of the season to prove that. If he finishes strong though, he may be worthy of consideration for a fantasy backup quarterback. He possesses a great arm, and just needs to learn the Dolphins offense a little more. He?ll definitely have the talent at wide receiver with Chris Chambers, an improving Derrius Thompson, Randy McMichael, and a big physical receiver in David Boston after his suspension.


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