Pats Falling Into Place

By Zack Cimini

New England?s two Super bowl wins in three seasons, could end up being three real quick. If and when it does happen this team has to go down as one of the best all time. Each and every year when it looks like their team will be susceptible, they somehow manage to defy odds and keep the media fun loving. Everyone knows that the media enjoys nothing better than seeing a championship team fall a part. Eventually the Patriots will falter, but this season is a testament to a true team.

Peyton Manning may have been 0-6 at New England going into Sunday?s game, but 80 percent of people thought this would be the time. Throughout the first half the Patriots dominated Manning just like in the past, but the score was only 6-3. We all know that the Colts offense was stronger than that, and expected for them to figure out something at halftime. Shockingly though, the only team that put up any points coming back onto the field were the Patriots for a 20-3 finish. The Patriots offense could have been ineffective for another thirty minutes and it wouldn?t have mattered.

Tedy Bruschi summed it up best when he said this is what a true team is supposed to be. Any other team that was suffering on defense with two key players in Ty Law and Richard Seymour out, would have made excuses. Bill Belicheck and his championship nucleus of coaches would not allow any sympathy for going this far. Rather they sucked it up and battled to put together their best game all around this season.

The Patriots rise to the top has been all because of Bob Kraft?s moves. It all started by bringing in Bill Parcell?s many years ago. He came in and changed this team from a bassment cellar team, to a steady playoff team. The best accomplishment with him was a trip to the Super Bowl in 1997. It paved the way for learning experiences but also brought about a need for change. Parells wanted out, and wanted Curtis Martin with him. So right there went a big part of the Patriots offense to the Jets. On the defensive side though, many of the players have been together for an extended time, including Ty Law, Tedy Bruschi, and Willie McGinest.

No disrespect to Pete Carroll but the experiment with him in New England is a transition that is never remembered. He had a rough time keeping this team together, and Bob Kraft quickly crafted up an idea. He decided to go after Bill Belicheck who has been coaching in the NFL since the 70?s, and was willing to give up a first round draft pick and other picks for him. Many people thought Kraft was silly, but Belicheck was ready to shine. He had been under Parcells in the 80?s with the Giants, than was the Cleveland Browns head coach in the early 90?s, before rejoining Parcells wing. Parcells is considered one of the best coaches of all time, and you can bet Bellicheck learned everything possible in those long years.

With a background like Belicheck?s you?re going to become a disciple of the game, and make many friends around the league. A great head coach is a key to a teams success, but the overlooked keys are the coordinators. Just look at how Jimmy Johnson did without Norv Turner and Dave Wannstedt? Belicheck is going to lose Charlie Weiss and Romeo Crennel this off season, and they may be irreplaceable. The schemes and concepts both have been able to come up with every week, have been the catalyst to this teams success.

With all of the awards handed out each year, it?s unfathomable why there is never a defensive and offensive coordinator of the year handed out. A head coach can only do so much, and a player gets their one on one attention from their coordinators and position coaches. Why do you think a coach like Dennis Green is quick to fire his coordinators? It?s because they?re pivotal to success on the field.


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