Owens Entertainment and Fantasy Value Up

Does Terrell Owens antics look anything familiar to another sports athlete over the last ten years? They should. Dennis Rodman was the king of showcasing a vast of different problems and other sorts of gimmicks to entertain people. While the attention for him grew his play never suffered until his last year, when age was the problem. He always did his job on the court, and risked his body more than anyone.

Terrell Owens is only playing to the crowd right now. If he were just an average athlete he wouldn’t be getting an iota of attention for demanding a new contract. Hello, Antonio Gates and numerous other NFL athletes are also in line with new demands. Owens is just a special athlete that knows how to play the media to his advantage. When he is on the field he gives it his all, and that’s the bottom line. He is going to continue to do that, and will also continue to make higher demands. That’s the nature of a sport, which avoids guaranteed contracts which hurts athletes that outplay a prematurely signed deal.

When Owens gets in front of a camera and makes bold statements, it isn’t just to run his mouth. He may have jeopardized his relationship with Donovan McNabb, but great relationships always hit a bump in the road. If you’re with a partner and don’t have arguments than something is wrong. They’ll make amends sooner or later, as both know how much they need each other. These are two professional athletes and grown men, not high school kids.

There are a lot more bonus things that are happening due to Owens display, than people are noting. Owens groin problem, and people’s talk of Owens maybe being suspended for the whole season, have led to other Eagles receivers gaining confidence. Against the Steelers last week, Reggie Brown and Greg Lewis showed that they can adjust to life without TO if needed. We all know that’s not going to happen, but the confidence the young Eagles receivers have now is a huge benefit. That could have taken a month or even longer for the Eagles to figure out what to do without Todd Pinkston.

The full circle and long played out elaboration on television is far worse than the real picture. All along Terrell Owens has said that his contract situation is strictly business, and that’s the extent of his situation. Although he may not get his demands, when he is on the field he is going to be strictly business as well. His advancement as a receiver has gotten better by the year due to him, not Donovan McNabb.

This is the same guy that once was a catch dropping receiver with the 49ers while behind Jerry Rice. His off-season workouts year in and year out have been nothing short of stellar. He spends time honing his skills and body more than anyone, and is a product of that time. Just take a look at Terrell Owens featured on the cover and current issue of Men’s Health Magazine. Many people couldn’t get that type of body without taking some illegal supplements or steroids, but not once has Owens ever been questioned for his physique.

Owens is a warrior that has a strong competitive edge. Throughout his whole ordeal, the media and even the Eagles owners and fans have made him out to be the bad guy. He must be selfish and out of control for speaking out for a new contract, and running around with Drew Rosenhaus. When a team cuts a player they have no remorse, and state that it’s part of the business. Well, this is a part of the business that gives athletes the raw deal. An athlete nowadays has to think for themselves, or it’ll be too late. Ask Ty Law about that. If it weren’t for the Patriots winning Super Bowls, you could say that he was pretty much misused by the Patriots front office.

For anyone that thinks Owens is a selfish arrogant obnoxious person, needs to be tested for Alzheimer’s. Not even eight months ago, Owens was risking his career for the sake of his team. Not even close to 100 percent, he had the gutsiest performance in a football game ever, let alone Super Bowl.


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