NFL Team Rankings Post Week One

A lot of teams were unimpressive week one. Rankings come out weekly so the harsh judging begins. Check to see where your favorite team is spotted in this weeks installment of NFL team power rankings.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers came out and did what most thought they couldn’t week one.

2. Cincinnati Bengals
Going into Arrowhead and dominating the way they did shows they’re back to get after the Steelers.

3. Seattle Seahawks
There are big concerns ahead as the offensive line looks rattled without Hutchinson.

4. Indianapolis Colts
Their run defense was atrocious. How many possible audibles can Manning call this season?

5. Carolina Panthers
Coming out flat is not the way you want to start a season against a strong division opponent.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars
They responded nicely after digging themselves a ten point hole.

7. New York Giants
All that cost them week one was miscues with penalties and poor play calling.

8. San Diego Chargers
Will the Chargers give Rivers the Roethlisberger treatment with passes all season?

9. Chicago Bears
They would be up higher if it were not for their weak week one opponent.

10. Philadelphia Eagles
Donte’s arrived.

11. Baltimore Ravens
We have a feeling they might begin a climb into the top ten. Something has got back into those stellar defensive players.

12. New England Patriots
What the heck was going on out there?

13. Atlanta Falcons
They’ve done this before, can they build upon this and keep it up?

14. Dallas Cowboys
It was a tough week one opponent and people already are calling for Romo.

15. Denver Broncos
At least their defense handled going onto the field in their territory well. They’ll be okay, but maybe not with Plummer.

16. Miami Dolphins
They were right there against Pittsburgh. Will Daunte’s crucial mistakes be calling for Joey Harrington?

17. Minnesota
Brad Johnson seems set to prove something and Chester Taylor looks like he was the right move for running back.

18. St. Louis Rams
Their defense made big plays but still gave up too many yards, and the offense could not punch the ball in for six.

19. Kansas City
Herman Edwards doesn’t know what happened week one. Damon Huard did the job when he had to step in for Marino in Miami. He has a running game to go to now, so the Chiefs might not be as bad off as people think.

20. Detroit Lions
They have playoff talent on both sides of the football, but they can’t piece it together.

21. Washington Redskins
Too many excuses of why they lost, instead of what they could of done to win against Minnesota.

22. Arizona Cardinals
Nothing has changed in Arizona. The running game failed and they had to go to the passing game against the 49ERS.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
It’s safe to say Atlanta has passed them as Carolina’s threat.

24. New York Jets
Not too much attention went to the Jets this week. Pennington looked great and that needs to continue for the Jets.

25. New Orleans Saints
Bush, Bush, Bush. It’s going to grow old like the NBA over talking Lebron James.

26. Buffalo Bills
That’s why bad teams stay bad teams, when they can’t win games as such the Bills let get away this past weekend.

27. Tennessee Titans
They battled back against the Jets. It’s too bad they’ll be battling from deficits all season.

28. Houston Texans
The one bright sign of week one was Eric Moulds and Andre Johnson having nice days.

29. San Francisco 49ers
Alex Smith and the young 49ers actually look like they can start making steps forward.

30. Cleveland Browns
They’ll need to find a way to produce points or they may be going on a long losing streak.

31. Green Bay Packers
Someone had to of had an indescribable poor week for the Packers not to be 32.

32. Oakland Raiders
The silver and black painted fans of the Raiders are going to start looking across the Bay to the surging 49ers.


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