The NBA summer league has been a reversal trend for many bettors that got in on the eight day action. Favorites and obvious sides seemed to cash at will the first four to five days. Once tournament play began though upsets have been occurring left and right.

No one would have picked this championship between the Charlotte Bobcats and Sacramento Kings. Charlotte looked like a team that had no offensive weapons at all. Sacramento on the other hand has a talented roster, but looked like a team mailing it in like a preseason NFL game.

For Monday’s championship the draw from Vegas and offshore likely will be very small. Baseball is back in action with a full slate of games Monday.

For those that want to finish out the summer league, I’ll side with the Bobcats. They have went from an 0-3 start to a sudden reversal of a four game winning streak. Players that were down and out have come alive. Players such as Justin Brownlee, Noah Vonleh, and Cody Zeller.

This is another revenge matchup for the Bobcats. During their three game losing streak one of their losses was to the Kings. They started off the first quarter of that game in with a woeful nine points. It became a competitive game but that first quarter proved to be an uphill battle too much to overcome.

Look for the Bobcats to dig deep in this summer league championship and snare another avenging win. Against the Knicks a team that blew them out of the water they turned a one point 1st quarter lead, into a 11-0 run start to the second quarter.

Grab the Bobcats to close out the summer league.


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