Mexico City?

If there is a market to make money in, businesses will expand. It?s a logical concept, and the NFL is one of the top businesses in the world. It may be based in the United States, but plenty of countries follow it, and every Super Bowl almost every country is covering it. Basketball, has struggled with its teams above the border, and even had to relocate the Vancouver Grizzlies to Memphis. Baseball, on the other hand has had prominent success, but still not up to par with the fans in America. Football though has never expanded beyond either border, but plans may be in the works.

Every preseason the NFL usually does a game in a few different global markets, including Mexico and Tokyo. For that one game, the crowd in attendance makes it look like a hyped up Super Bowl. Basically every year the NFL has been monitoring the situation, and sees a potential boost from pursuing an international franchise.

It?s almost a done deal for the Arizona Cardinals to host a home game in Mexico City to face the San Francisco 49ers. That has to be tough on Dennis Green and the Cardinals, because most of the fans across the border are Cowboys or Raiders fans. It shouldn?t make a difference, as the Cardinals fan support at their own stadium is minimal.

Expect the game to be packed to capacity, and then for the NFL to schedule more games down there and maybe even in Canada. It?s amazing the NFL hasn?t done this sooner. With every other sport, their schedules can get rough with road trips because their schedules are scattered. At least in the NFL, a team can prepare moderately for the same routine based on one game a week.

Don?t expect another franchise to be determined for quite some time, as the NFL is still adjusting to the new division realignment and trying to configure a new playoff system with additional teams.


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