For once in his career Carmelo Anthony needs to sit and truly evaluate his next decision. Even his decision to bolt Syracuse could be looked back upon as a move he could have waited on. His love for Syracuse has stayed strong even after only playing a season there. There is no doubt he could have returned and led Syracuse to another title the following year.

While in Denver things never really worked to plan. When his chance came to move on, he thought the world of joining the Knicks with Amare Stoudemire. The plan looked to be a great prospect until Stoudemire’s knees derailed any possible growth. New York than turned to too many aging veterans. Rasheed Wallace, Jason Kidd, and many others.

Last season the Knick’s were an eyesore to watch. Basically Carmelo’s entire NBA career he has been one of the few superstars that has had poor talent around him. Yes, superstars are supposed to make you better but they can’t burden a season’s worth of duress.

At age 30 now, Carmelo truly has to evaluate his next move. As much as he probably wants to leave New York, it is likely the best place for him to be. Young Tim Hardaway has shown some promise, and Shumpert seems fully recovered from his knee injury. Phil Jackson and Brian Shaw need to convince Melo the rest of the roster will be filled quickly.

Possible destinations that want to attract Melo just seem like a bad fit. Dallas and Houston would be horrible options. Dallas is at the end of the road with their superstar Dirk Nowitski and Houston system would only dampen Melo’s career. That just would not work with Melo, Harden, and Dwight.

Hopefully Melo takes the time to evaluate this decision 100 percent. It’ll likely be the last great stretch of his career. Trying to make it work in New York may be the best decision on the table.


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