McNabb and Eagles Fading Quick

>online casinoколи под наем always come to an end and in Philadelphia we may be witnessing one. A season that started off so strong for the Eagles has become an all but typical familiar pattern for Philly. On the same day that McNabb’s old university (Syracuse) fired their coach Greg Robinson, McNabb struggled unlike he has in quite some time. This was a game the Eagles had to win and even though the result was a tie they’ve set themselves up to miss out on another playoff run.

A year ago rumors and speculation arose rapidly that McNabb wouldn’t be an Eagle for 2008. Andy Reid then stepped in basically stating that as long as he is head coach of the Eagles that McNabb will be his starter. That seemed to motivate McNabb and the Eagles to a quick start that produced some electrifying results and had McNabb looking like an MVP candidate.

Then came a couple of performances of games that the Eagles fell just short in. Against the Bears and Washington Redskins the Eagles had plenty of opportunities to capture victories but couldn’t muster it out in the fourth quarter. At the same time Brian Westbrook was getting banged up as he usually does putting more of a burden on McNabb. Something that he is use to and was able to utilize Correll Buck halter a little bit as his Westbrook type back.

It seemed like the Eagles were back in the thick of things after a three game winning streak. Many favored the Eagles in the high profile Sunday night match up last week against the Giants. Once again though the Eagles could not with stand through four quarters and fell short in similar fashion. This is a team that could easily be one of the top teams in the NFC but based off of today’s performance against the Bengals they’ve hit a bump that is likely going to cost them the 2008 season.

One of the things that boggled the minds of NFL analysts is why Brian Westbrook is not getting enough touches. Against the Bengals he had only three balls thrown his way and fourteen carries. McNabb dropped back nearly sixty times and for some reason Westbrook was left out of the passing attack. Cincinnati definitely didn’t shut down Westbrook it was Philadelphia’s play calling that did. Westbrook creates so many opportunities for the Eagles and to see them not utilize him so very strange. It led to McNabb having a horrid day and throwing under fifty percent with three picks.

So what does this mean for the Eagles if they can’t manage to get on a winning streak? Philly has some of the toughest fans around, and with the baseball team just winning the World Series it is jus at matter of time before the fans get disgruntled. In all likelihood if the Eagles don’t turn things around in a hurry it might be time to clear out the house. McNabb still has some solid years left but it doesn’t look like it can be finished in Philadelphia. Especially if the Eagles make the decision to let Andy Reid go, surely McNabb will want out as well.

For fantasy owners keep McNabb in your lineup. Wins might not come Philly’s way but McNabb has been responding his whole career. I wouldn’t expect him to have another three pick game, and of the quarterbacks in the league he is still a top seven in fantasy regards.