Fantasy Running Backs Under the Radar

As many fantasy football players know, the running backs are the key players to bringing in the most points of any players. They can acquire points through their rushing yards, receiving yards, frequent touchdowns, and sometimes even from special teams. That is why most people do almost anything to get their hands on players like LaDainian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, Joseph Addai, and Brian Westbrook. Having a good secondary running back, as well as a backup, is just as important. For that reason, I have composed a list of three under-the-radar RB’s that you may want to consider getting your hands on.

Ricky Williams – The man who led the league in rushing back in 2002 with 1,853 rushing yards and 16 TD’s is back for more, and looking healthier than ever. He has already played in the Dolphins first two preseason games and is ready to begin the new season. This guy definitely has the potential for a huge LaDainian-type season if all goes well, especially since the Dolphins are still struggling with the throwing part of their game.

Willis McGahee – Averaging over 4 yards per carry last year and 1,200 yards, the veteran running back is looking only to improve these numbers. Now that he has a year under his belt with his new team (the Ravens), McGahee has good chemistry with the team and will most likely be their new go-to guy, especially with Kyle Boller struggling from inside the pocket. The Ravens will have to rely heavily on McGahee if they have any hopes of catching the playoffs this year.

Marshawn Lynch – Perhaps not so much under the radar, the rookie who filled McGahee’s shoes for the Buffalo Bills has been off to a great start, averaging 4 yards per carry and over 1,100 rushing yards last season. Now that Lynch is comfortable and used to the NFL, he is expected to be even better than last year. Buffalo has been on the verge of making the playoffs for the past couple of years and many Bills analysts feel that he may be the key to getting that done.

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