March 22nd Free Play With Analysis

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Thus far in the tournament there have not been too many surprises that jump out at you. You could say the twelve seed victories are upsets but evaluating those teams on the basis of their season would discount the word “upset”. Seeding is seeding and tough matchups present themselves as a result. It does not matter if it is a sixteen seed versus a one seed or a seventh vs a tenth seed.

Today’s free play comes with from a game that everyone has circled as a team that could make a run in Georgetown. The Hoyas stormed to the finish line in the Big East with hard nosed defense and the rising offensive play of Otto Porter. Porter played like an upper classmen and carried the Hoyas on his shoulder and bestowed confidence in the team.

Tournament time though I do not believe the Hoyas will last too long. They have a short bench with Greg Whittington having been suspended for quite awhile, and the offensive deficiencies will arise in the tournament. Markell Starks and and Smith-Rivera are two capable guards that can create off the bounce, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Inside Nate Lubick does the little things but can be left unguarded because he is not going to make a basket unless it’s at the rim. Porter is only a sophomore and the big stage could cause him to struggle at least for a half.

Expect Florida Gulf Coast to play right there with Georgetown. 13.5 is too many points as I do not expect Georgetown to eclipse 55 points.

Free Play: Florida Gulf Coast Plus 13.5


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