Is He For Real?

By Zack Cimini

Not even a little over a month has past by since Ricky Williams shocked the NFL and the Miami Dolphins by retiring. Since then, Miami has gone 0-4 and only scored two offensive touchdowns. They?ve bounced back and forth between Jay Fiedler and AJ Feeley, and Leonard Henry who was the Dolphins fourth string running back in minicamp has been their best back. All of this could have been reverse if Williams could have enjoyed his escapades in the off-season. But he thinks he is better than everyone else, and now has decided his fun and games is over with. Who does he think he is, on being able to put the NFL around his own schedule? O, I want to come back and play now that we are already four games deep into the season. If I was Miami I wouldn?t even grant him a trade, just because of what he put Miami through.

The impact Williams had on Miami?s offense is undeniable. If he were in Miami?s lineup this year they would easily be 3-1, if not 4-0. Just take a look at their losses so far this season. All of them have been close, and that has been without any offense. In fact, in every game Miami?s quarterbacks have thrown a touchdown to the opposing team. You have to give Miami?s defense a lot of credit for not folding on this offense. It might start happening soon though, if the offense can?t manage to protect the football a little better.

Williams?s latest press release said that he has found the passion for football once again. How much bull can a player tell the media? It is obvious that the only reason he retired was to avoid his name being publicized for failing another drug test and facing a suspension. Now that he feels he can pass a drug test, he is trying to get back in the league for the money. On top of that he owes the Dolphins 8.6 million for not fulfilling his contract. So he is in a deep money hole and needs to come back to the NFL.

Miami?s team has had mixed reactions for Williams coming back. I don?t know how that is possible when here is a guy that screwed your team over completely. They had to waste a draft pick to get Lamar Gordon, and they can?t decide on anything offensively. There is no question Miami was never prepared for Williams if he would have got hurt. It?s poor execution on Miami?s coaching staff, because you?re always supposed to have reliable starting backups at every position.

So what does Miami do with Ricky Williams? They are going to obviously have to end up trading him, but the value they?re going to get will be downgraded. Miami will hurt either way on this decision. Hopefully they don?t get ripped off to bad that they at least get a second round pick for him. Williams is still young, and will more than likely go on to another team and have solid years ahead of him. But whatever team he goes on, there always has to be something in the back of your head on him being a quitter. Is he going to give 100 percent during a season when the team all of the sudden has a three game slide, or is out of playoff contention?

Of course there is always the thing on giving a player a second chance. Maybe Williams will go out there and have extra motivation to show that he cares a lot about the NFL. A year off in the NFL will add tremendous rejuvenation to a running back, that was already healthy from the get go. Miami didn?t make the playoffs last season, and their last game was in late December. So that means when Williams comes back he?ll have been tackle free for a year and nine months. So this whole stunt could end up paying off on Williams?s behalf on extending his career. He should have rookie legs when he comes back and the mindset of a wily veteran.


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