Hard Work Pays Off

By Zack Cimini

From a young age any prospective athlete is told to never give up on their ambitions of being an athlete. The stories of Jordan not making the team as a sophomore are always brought up, and it inspires kids to work harder. Well there is a new success story in the Cardinals own Bertrand Berry, who earned a Pro Bowl selection for his great season.

Berry was first drafted by the Colts in 1997 as a linebacker, and was a part of the early Manning years when the defense was horrible. After three seasons the Colts gave up on him, and he also was cut from Rams training camp. So during that year out of football he got physically stronger, which enabled him to use his quickness and convert to a new position as a defensive end.

The adjustment paid immediate dividends, as it didn?t take long for him to establish himself with the Denver Broncos. In his contract season last year he had 11.5 sacks, which made him unrealizable for the Broncos to keep. So the Cardinals used their cap room, and got a bargain deal for the caliber player Berry is. These small types of moves are what are starting to turn the Cardinals franchise around. Expect more and more Cardinals names to be added to the Pro Bowl in the next couple of seasons.


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