First Round Indecision

By Zack Cimini

Back in July and August there were hundreds of thousands of fantasy football drafts going on. Most drafts had running backs going off the board like there wasn?t a crop of average backs to draft later. That leads to quarterbacks and receivers that shouldn?t have slipped, to go in the hands of a team that got a Tomlinson or Holmes with the first or second pick in the draft. That kind of indecision is more than likely destroying some leagues, as that team has an extreme upper hand at running back and wide receiver.

It goes to show that having depth at running back is needed, but don?t rush on taking a back. You should always pick the best available player regardless if he isn?t a running back. More than likely if you passed on Moss, Owens or Harrison you went for a running back like Deuce McAllister, Clinton Portis, or Marshall Faulk. Let?s take a quick analysis on the trade off that you took as a fantasy owner.

Clinton Portis showed in week one that he could be a great pickup and carry his success as a Denver Bronco over to the Redskins. That hasn?t happened though as he has had fumbling problems and been inconsistent. His yardage totals are fine, but for a first round pick you need him to get in the end zone. When you?re a star like Portis, a back like Jerome Bettis shouldn?t have two times the touchdowns you have.

Deuce McAllister?s potential has been high his whole career, but he just can?t seem to take off. In fact, he has the tools to contend with LT and Holmes as the best backs in the league. But New Orlean?s offensive woes and McAllister?s injury problems have haunted them this year. Just like Portis, McAllister has also struggled on holding the football.

Marshall Faulk is aging, but he was still picked in the mid to late first round in most leagues. Owners were just hoping to get the yardage totals from his pass catching skills to go along with decent rushing stats. You just don?t know when to start him anymore, because sometimes the Rams just don?t utilize his skills. That?s the thing that will end up driving Martz out of St. Louis. He just abandons the run too early, and leaves the pressure on Marc Bulger. The owners that picked Faulk, should have went the other route and drafted Tiki Barber who has terrorized defenses.

As an owner with a mid first round pick you probably let Moss, Owens, and Harrison slip by. All of them have already put up solid season numbers especially touchdown wise. Moss and Owens both have eight touchdowns, and Harrison is right behind them with seven. Moss has done all of this and has missed two games with a bad hamstring, and Owens has shown that he really wanted to have Donovan McNabb as his quarterback.

Offenses in the NFL are starting to open up the playbook a lot more than they use to. I think fantasy football is starting to see a takeover in the way they should draft. Four years ago fantasy football was widely dominated by the running back position, but now when you check the weekly results the winners usually come from high point totals from the receivers.

It?s just a part of the game that a running back isn?t going to be as durable as a receiver. Stats from receivers usually stay consistent every year, because they adapt to the NFL?s schemes and coverage, which leads to monster years. So why pass on a receiver that?ll get you 1200 yards receiving and ten plus touchdowns, for a running back that has had a solid year or two but hasn?t shown he can do it over a period of time?


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