Fear Factor: AJ Feeley

By Zack Cimini

Picture this you?re a starting quarterback in the NFL, that is given every opportunity to take over a franchise. The coaching staff and organization is giving you their commitment, but yet you continue to ruin situations by horrible mistakes. Miami may be 2-10, but they could easily be a .500 team if it weren?t for mistakes at quarterback. Whether it has been Jay Fiedler or AJ Feeley, their quarterbacks have managed to make third string quarterback mistakes. Many people in the media believe this team would have succeeded if Ricky Williams didn?t retire. The fact is Travis Minor and Leonard Henry have done a solid job. If Williams was playing, Miami would just be having a disappointing season.

AJ Feeley displayed on Sunday the true meaning of Feeley?s fear factor. In the first quarter he showed the fear he can put in a defense, by throwing for three touchdowns in twelve minutes. This was all after Buffalo had returned the opening kickoff, and Miami could have folded right there. Instead he came out on fire, and hit several different receivers. After the first quarter though, he was as dismal as can be. He threw five interceptions, including the game clinching winner for Buffalo when the score was 35-32. It was the fifth time this season, Feeley has thrown the defense a touchdown. All five of them have been unreal disgusting plays to watch. That is the true fear factor that Feeley puts into his coaches week in and week out. We?ll have to dig out information from Stats Inc., but I?m sure Feeley is close at breaking the record for giving defenses touchdowns.

It is inexcusable for this to happen every game, even if you?re a struggling team trying to adjust to a change over. Miami needs to go the route that Dennis Green did down in Arizona. If all of your quarterbacks are playing horrible, why not give the third string quarterback a shot? Sage Rosenfels deserves a shot to prove himself, and is now the backup with Fiedler out for the season. Sure he?ll make his fair share of mistakes, but I guarantee it won?t be a five interception performance. Hell, bring up someone from the practice squad because AJ Feeley is not the answer.

Miami is in serious danger of being a basement team for many years to come. New England has a dynasty, and the Jets and Bills are two talented young teams. Miami on the other hand has a roster full of disgruntled talented veterans that will go elsewhere to win. The transformation that is going to happen is going to involve many trips with an annual top five pick in the NFL Draft.

The blame goes to Ricky Williams?. I think not. It may have been the smartest thing he did, because if he truly loved football he?d be demanding a trade right now.


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