Fantasy Perspective Week Two

Here are some guys to take a look at for starting in week two. Notice the athletes are not top tier, we provide the sleeper choices to go with. Just like in week one with Chad Pennington, Frank Gore, etc.


Jon Kitna
Roy Williams opened up his mouth about how easy it should have been to score 40 last week. Well they can’t run the football, so that means Kitna will have to utilize Williams. They’ll open it up a bit and expose the Bears secondary.

Philip Rivers
Anyone facing the Titans this season is a good choice to start. Even in his limited throws last week, Rivers looked great. A lot of that has to do with their ability to establish the running game, which will be an easy task to do. Shottenheimer will get Rivers the looks he needs and continue on a slow pace with him.

Brett Favre
If there was a game last season that he went off, it was in the game against New Orleans. Yes, the 52-0 beat down the Packers put on. Favre has a lot to show every week, and should be a bit better with Koren Robinson alongside Donald Driver. He isn’t going to stop his wreckless throws but there should be some good ones as well this week.

Daunte Culpepper
Chris Chambers stats against the Bills last season were exponential. A good third of his stats came against them, including the 15 reception 238 yard performance in December of 05. Culpepper has a stronger arm then Frerotte did. The Dolphins do not have great receivers out there, so Culpepper will be looking for Chambers like he did with Moss in Minnesota. Look for the Chamber ratio to rise weekly.

Running Backs

Kevan Barlow
Pennington was the one doing the scoring for the Jets but that was sort of a mirage. The Jets ball control style is more in the favor of running backs. Barlow will be their goal line and short yardage back. If the Jets can get into the Patriots red zone, expect Barlow to have a couple of touchdowns.

Frank Gore
Even though the Rams defense came up with several turnovers on the Broncos they still had a hard time shutting down the run. Tatum Bell had over 100 yards rushing and Mike Bell near sixty. Gore was one of the most impressive backs week one, and soon that will be a regularity. Gore is the real deal and is benefiting from a solid offensive line.

Samkon Gado
We’re assuming the Texans didn’t swap running backs for nothing. They want Gado to be their starter and he should get carries right away. The Colts rush defense was horrible last week and things will not change that soon. It could be a career day for Mr. Gado.

Chester Taylor
Hutchinson has made an instant impact for the running game and overall confidence for Brad Johnson. Carolina was eaten alive last week by Vick, Dunn, and Norwood, with all having fifty yards or more. With Dan Morgan out, that’s one less threat for Taylor to worry about. Just like in the case of the Jets,

Wide Receivers

Roy Williams
Williams has to respond after opening his mouth. Going up against Nathan Vashar, his teammate in college should help.

Lee Evans
Evans can open up the offense for the Bills whenever he wants. If you track his first couple of seasons he has had some decent games against Miami. Miami’s secondary may be at the weakest level it has been in awhile, so get ready for the Evans show.

Koren Robinson
A suspension is ahead for Robinson, so this will be his value for the next month. At least we’ll see if he can work in the Packers system as quickly as he did in the Vikings.

Eric Parker
He has been lurking on the scene for some time, but never has done much. Gates and LT get so much attention that sooner or later Parker is going to have a huge game. Will it be this week?


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