Divisional Round Picks

It’s time to roll. Who’s going to be playing in the conference championship games a week from now? In less than forty hours the victorious teams will be on that path. Check out who we think will advance this weekend.

New England at Denver
The pick would be to take the Patriots. They’ve been the dominant team and are 10-0 under Brady. While they were having major success, the Broncos were getting bounced out yearly. It’s a reverse of fortunes now, as the Broncos now have home field. Mile High in the playoffs is going to be an unbelievable advantage for them. Everyone wanted to see the Colts axe the Patriots out, but it will be the Broncos.

Washington at Seattle
The Redskins have no chance at winning this game, unless they can somehow get a lead. Protecting the ball like a child not wanting to share is the only scenario that can work for them. As soon as Seattle builds a ten point lead, the game is over. Washington’s offense doesn’t have the tools to get it done, they’ll only add to the mess.

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
Flip back to the Monday Night game in November. The Colts dominated defensively, and offensively just managed their game plan. With all the rest they’ve had, and the exact opposite for the Steelers, this game has blow out written over it as well.

Carolina at Chicago
If there is a chance of a major upset, here it is. Carolina matches up well against the Bears, especially with their defense. When they played earlier this season, the only thing that stopped the Panthers was the way their offense was murdered by the Bears defense. Maybe they learned something from that game, and will change things up a bit. One things for sure, that flip pass out to Steve Smith will not work. This will be a close game, but the Bears should edge the Panthers by a field goal.


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