Cut Loose Webb

By Zack Cimini
Word has been very mum on the recovery of Brandon Webb from shoulder surgery. After being placed on the sixty day disabled list March 26th, little has been discussed on how well he is doing. It’s coming to the point that owners may have too cut ways with Webb.  The only thing to come out recently on Webb is that he has taken another trip out to the infamous therapist Dr. James Andrews on flaws in his throwing motion.

These next few weeks will prove pivotal if he is worth keeping or not. With most leagues tight on DL spots and time of the esscence he may have to be giving the green light for waivers. All star break is around the corner and rehab assignments are not even close to being of realization. With the Diamondbacks trading for Dontrelle Willis it could be another sign of Webb not returning any time soon.

If you’re in the middle to bottom tier of your league and need to make an improvement we’re saying make that gut call and cut Webb. His contributions on this season if any may not be until August. That is not going to be enough of an impact for your team to close a tremendous gap in the span of two months. Now if you’re towards the top of your league you can be a little more patient. Even at that if by All Star break the same scenario we’re seeing now is going on release him and tinker with your lineup a bit.


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