Cleveland continues to be the heartbeat of sports media. LeBron is back. What are the Cavaliers going to do next to please the King? Based on media reports they’re in speculative discussions to acquire Kevin Love. This is coming from the same media that reported all types of scenarios for Lebron prior to him declaring to Cleveland.

As the Cavliers sit they are in prime position to grow this season. Why take their valuable young assets and ship them away? Instead they have the formula everyone in the NBA would die to have. An unimaginable of high end low salary young assets (Dion Waiters, Thompson, Irving, Wiggins, Bennett) and veterans in Mike Miller, James Jones, and Anderson Varejeo.

The team that Cleveland will put on the court with Lebron is almost a replica hybrid of the 2012 Oklahoma City Thunder and Lebron’s Miami Heat teams. Vegas is usually spot on over the media and there’s a reason why the Cavs are Eastern Conference favorites and right behind the Spurs for title chances.

The pairing that will bolster this team to the top is their backcourt. Kyrie Irving’s care and attitude waned under poor leadership of Mike Brown and Byron Scott. He wanted out of Cleveland mid-season and was grumbling to the media. Dion Waiters and Irving clashed to the point that Waiters was nearly dealt to rid the team of camaraderie issues.

As the offseason approached Cavs fans were more worried about their youth than the far fetched idea of Lebron signing. If Kyrie would have exited there would not have been a possibility for LeBron heading there.

Why destroy a team of young athletes that have now decided to come together under LeBron? Build with them and see how LeBron and the new head coach see the team. If issues arise once again then put them on the trading block for a possible Kevin Love. Until that time hold tight and see where the athletes take you.


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