By Zack Cimini



No matter if you were a WWF fan or not, everyone has heard of the Bushwhackers. They had a famous routine as wresters, and had proper chemistry with each other. In the aspect of fantasy football, a couple of Bush’s shot up the fantasy radar spectrum with monster week nine’s.


In the case of Reggie Bush, you expected him to be more of a threat as a Dolphin. That has yet to be seen on the level people would of liked. Limited carries in a non featured role, has relegated him to a fantasy bench spot. Lately though the Dolphins are mixing him in to more and more offensive schemes. Plays that allow him to get in the open field, and utilize his skills the best.


Quick draws and getting him out in the flat, have boded well for new Dolphin signal caller Matt Moore. Moore has become more comfortable with a few starts as a Dolphin under his belt, and that’s led to better offensive proficiency.


After Bush’s 142 combined yards with a touchdown Sunday, many would like to ponder at least inserting him as a flex option. I’d say hold your horses just yet. Kansas City allowed Miami to blow them out at home, and seemed to have hit the bottom of their emotional roller coaster from the previous week’s Monday Night victory.


Bush still only had thirteen carries. Yardage wise he is likely good for eight to ten points a game, but counting on a touchdown from him is shaky. There are probably better options on your roster that you can depend on.


Over in Oakland, ones misfortune with Darren McFadden has become another owner or a protective owners satisfaction with Michael Bush. Bush has come in and done what he typically does. Fill in decently, and perform at the caliber of a starting running back. Why, no other team tried to sign him in the off-season is unknown.


A big back, Bush has solid speed to complement his size. With McFadden out again this week for Thursday, you can go ahead and reinsert Bush without flinching. The Raiders have one of the better run games in football, and are going to feed whomever the workhorse feature back is.


We may even see Bush’s workload rise due to Palmer’s continuous struggles thus far. Six interceptions in just six quarters of action. The heat is on the organization after pulling the trade they did for Palmer, and they may want to execute a game plan that alleviates Palmer’s decision making.


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