Bring Him Back

It’s now been almost a month since the game the Colts thought they’d be walking away champions from. It turned out that crystal ball had other plans, and escaping past the Steelers in the divisional round wasn’t one of them. Peyton Manning was inoculating the media with his perception of how the game’s ending had nothing to do with him.

The disparaging remarks by Manning may be tough for the offensive lineman to forget about, even if Manning has apologized to them behind closed doors. It’s something you don’t do, but what Peyton should be doing is petitioning to get Edgerrin James resigned now. James is a quintessential type of back for the Colts offense. His nickname “Edge” will be gone from the Colts and possibly the team’s offense all together if he isn’t their next season.

Unlike what people may think, James sets up Manning’s passing game even more. Their game plan always goes as follows. They throw quick strikes, than get James going with his patient running. He is one of the most patient runners and has great vision. Interestingly he didn’t have very many runs over twenty yards last season, but led the league in intermediate gains. Those intermediate gains are what setup Peyton Manning’s infamous play action bombs to Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne.

Sure the Colts can decide to save themselves some money, and go after a viable free agent or rookie candidate in the draft. Still, the upside for the short term doing that is not bright. Even last years supposed studs in Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown, had their fair share of downfalls on the season. The time for the Colts to succeed is ticking away like Marino’s final seconds in his lone appearance in a Super Bowl.

It’s there, but the pieces must remain the same. Where the Colts may be second guessing themselves is in the department of the huge contract they just gave Reggie Wayne. Two years ago he had his breakout season, and last year he took the shine away from Marvin Harrison a bit more than people expected. In a way his production was deserving of the contract. Too get paid like a number one receiver may hinder what the Colts can do in other areas, like sign James.

The payroll has slim room to fit in a guy of James stature, and for the Colts to think Wayne is more important to their offense is insane. There are plenty of receivers that could fill the role of playing behind Marvin Harrison with silly smiles. Smiles so big that their pockets would be brimming out with face smiles waiting for dollars to drop in (Wayne). No discredit to Wayne, but we don’t think he could be a number one receiver on any other team.

The Colts organization seemingly is in a tough spot. Cutting players, reducing salaries of others, and approaching James with a contract more than one year must be done. If not, Manning’s frustration will be shown more often than those horrible dove campaign commercials.


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