Brees Lights Bolts

By Zack Cimini

If you?re anyone in the Chargers organization you?d have to be thinking why this didn?t happen one year ago. Drew Brees is not only having a solid year, but he is arguably playing the best of any quarterbacks in the league right now. He has thrown for 18 touchdowns, and only has three interceptions. At 6-3, the Chargers are in prime position to take on the Broncos and win the division title. The sad thing is a year from now the Chargers could be right back to the basement of the division if they lose Brees.

The Chargers must have thought to themselves that two years is enough to see if a quarterback has what it takes. Well they thought wrong, and that is a big problem this day and age in football. Every organization is about how can we win now, and they are in too much of a hurry to do that. Why draft somebody and not give him a chance to fully develop, and then go through the same process again with another player? It?s a tale spin that is going on with every team, and is one of the reasons why we are seeing young talented player?s finally shining with other teams. Just take a look at Thomas Jones, who is now finally coming into his own on his third team. Here is a player that was drafted only four years ago in the 2000 draft, and the Cardinals didn?t even give him a chance. Emmitt Smith has been a great back in all, but imagine how well the Cardinals could be set if they still had Jones?

The Chargers organization can say all they want about Brees, but they more than likely came into this season expecting him to show no development. In fact they probably expected to be 2-6 by now, and prepared to let Philip Rivers show what he can do. Now the Chargers will be in a bind, especially if they make the playoffs and shock people. Brees will be a free agent and able to go anywhere he wants, and will be looking out for his best financial interests. So if the Chargers want him, they are going to have to take on a top five quarterback contract, and the rookie contract of Philip Rivers. There is no possible way they can do that with Ladainian Tomlinson, and a tight end they are going to have to pay in Antonio Gates.

So a solution they could have solved a year or two ago, is going to end up being a wasted second round draft pick in Drew Brees. If I were Brees, I would do nothing except laugh at anyone in the Chargers organization. They could have extended his contract and shown faith in him even though he was struggling, but now that he is proving himself they want him. It?s a double standard that goes on in this league that is wrong. Because if he wouldn?t have had a great year this season, the Chargers would have left him out to dry.

There is a pattern though that has come out of this situation. Competition does bring out the best of a quarterback. Before there was no one behind Brees?s shoulder, so he didn?t have too worry. Some respond to pressure in the opposite way as well and fold, but then you know as an organization if your prospect is a true talent.


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