Breakout Player Of The Year

There are tons of candidates for breakout player of the year, and that?s why it was so hard to narrow it down to one. Through it all though we think we found that player. If this player stays healthy, he is going to have a monster year.

By now you?re probably thinking say that players name already. We?ll give you a few more hints before we give it to you.

This player has always shared time with another running back, but every year has still put up great numbers. He also trains extremely hard, and is the workout king for running backs like Jerry Rice is at wide receiver.

He quietly puts up big numbers every year, without anyone really talking about him. Even this year when you talk about the top running backs his name isn?t mentioned. Chances are this player is going to do just as well as players like Priest Holmes, Marshall Faulk, Clinton Portis, and Deuce McAllister.

Okay no more beating around the bush, the player is Tiki Barber. The Giants are done experimenting with Ron Dayne. There never was any ?Thunder and Lightning?; Tiki Barber stole Dayne?s thunder a long time ago. For the first time in his career Barber will get his chance as an every down back.

The first thing that pops into your mind is that Barber can?t do it. He is too small, will be banged up by mid season, etc. Those are all possibilities but that could happen to any running back. Last season down the stretch Barber carried the load, and ended up with over 300 carries. Not only that but he had close to 2,000 all purpose yards and 11 touchdowns.

There aren?t too many running backs that have the running ability and pass catching ability that Barber does. Marshall Faulk is the only one that comes close. It?s great to start a pass catching running back in your league. That way if you happen to start a receiver that has an off week, that running back makes up for it.

Another plus for Tiki Barber is that he is in a very explosive offense in New York. Kerry Collins has had his ups and downs, but when he is on he has this offense clicking. He has a solid offensive line, and a great set of receivers. The Giants offense this year should be very similar too the Rams, and that means big fantasy numbers for your team.

In most leagues Barber is going in the late second round, or early third round. He should be a first round pick. That means you or someone in your league is going to get a Ricky Williams, Priest Holmes, etc, and Tiki Barber. If that happens you can hand the fantasy football trophy to that team right now.


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