Boston On the Move, Again

Its been a long time since David Boston?s Pro Bowl year with the Cardinals in 2001. Since then he had a horrible injury prone year with the Cardinals in 2002, than another disappointing year with the Chargers last year. It led to the Chargers deciding to trade Boston to the Dolphins for almost nothing.

Maybe reuniting with his old receivers coach in Jerry Sullivan will change Boston?s ways. He still has a lot of ability left in him, and he actually had an alright season last year. Especially considering he was playing in an offense that struggled all year. He finished with almost 900 yards receiving and seven touchdowns.

Maybe the verdict isn?t out yet on Boston. Something just doesn?t seem right with his situation. Back in 2003, the Cardinals just let him go basically for nothing. They didn?t even franchise him, and the only two teams that were interested in Boston were the Chargers and Jets. The Chargers signed him to a huge seven year deal for $47 million but then dealt him to Miami because they didn?t want to deal with his problems. All that San Diego is getting from the deal is a sixth round pick in 2005, and a meaningless player. That hints that the Chargers will definitely go after Larry Fitzgerald in the NFL Draft.


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