Bills Holding Up Deal

Its been a long time since a trade rumor has swayed in no direction except stagnant talk and still be alive, but that is exactly what is occurring between the Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals. The rumor is still fresh yet dead, and may end up being a draft day trade.

According to reports, the Cardinals may see if the back they want in the draft is on the board for the first or second round. If the back they want is there than they will take him. If not, the Cardinals will agree with the Bills to swap their second round picks, so the Bills can move ahead eleven spots. It?s a neck and neck game, and the Bills aren?t budging a smidgen until they feel they?ve got the proper deal.

If this trade doesn?t happen, things could get real ugly. No other team has expressed attentive interest as the Cardinals, and that means Travis Henry may be stuck in Buffalo for the final year of his contract. Henry has already stated he will not play in a Buffalo uniform, as he feels his job was taken away without fair comprehension. Basically he went down with an injury, and that resulted in his departure and relinquishing of his starting job.

Just imagine how Henry feels, as he has been in Buffalo his entire five year career, and has been an elite back. Yet, Buffalo opted a long time ago to give McGahee the job, which could prove to be a golden move.

Dennis Green is a strong minded coach, and he?ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants done. He seems open to the idea of having an explosive back like Henry to complement with Marcel Shipp. With the nucleus of receivers and maybe a flashback 2000 Kurt Warner, the Cardinals shockingly would head into 2005 as the top team in the NFC West.

On Buffalo?s side, LJ Shelton is a raw big man that has had his ups and downs with Arizona while struggling with injuries. His size and youth alone make him a plus to any offensive line, and his strength is parallel with the likes of Orlando Pace and Jonathan Ogden.

For more on this report, here is a link to the East Valley Tribune?s latest story on the delay of this trade.


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