Awakened or Set?

Injuries are the most common setback in an athlete’s professional career. The recovery time period is often sped up to benefit the their team’s immediate future. In some cases it’s worth the risk, but more than often it causes a prolonged setback that can carry on for an entire season. Rather than let that athlete get the extended rest, it turns into a future problem. What should have took an extra two to three weeks for full recovery, ends up taking a year or two.

An athlete may not be on the injured list, but it’s 100 percent evident that something is wrong with their physical condition. For the past few years that can be said for Bills wide receiver Eric Moulds. He didn’t suffer any serious tear, but the severity of a groin, back, and eclipsing the age of 30 all at the same time caused Moulds stats to slump.

Heading into 2005 Moulds is looking 100 percent. With youngster Lee Evans alleviating some of the attention away from Moulds, it could be a nice year of resurrection for Moulds.

Moulds could enter the season in top-notch shape, but the significance of any Bills wide receiver will be solely dependant on first year starter JP Losman. With the confidence the Bills have showcased in him, obviously they’re convinced that he is ready. With the way some youngsters have stepped in over recent years, you’d have to pat the Bills on the back for taking the risk.

With that in mind, the commencement of an offensive power juggernaut is set. At least from the standpoint, that they’ll be able to establish the ground game on a regular basis. The Bills are going to continue to test McGahee’s endurance and limitation abilities, and that should open the doors even more for Moulds.

Do not forget that Moulds was as solid a receiver there was from the late nineties through 2002. His season last year was okay but Moulds made it publicly known he wasn’t happy with his role at the midpoint of the season. It didn’t change into him having any monster games, but he is one of the few receivers that will get you six to eight points in the yardage category every week.

At his size and age, Moulds has kind of transformed himself into a different type of receiver. In years past, he was able to use his speed to burn defenders Sam Madison and others. Now that’s Lee Evans job, and there isn’t any possibility that Moulds could challenge Evans in the forty yard dash. For Moulds though, his main duty is to use his strength and veteran abilities to outsmart the cornerback. All it takes is a fake out or a flinch here, and a young cornerback will bite like a shark.

Moulds should continue to catch plenty of footballs, as he gobbles them up. What fantasy owners are intrigued by is if he can get in the end zone. With the quarterback switch up, it could benefit Moulds more than Lee Evans. The only reason Drew Bledsoe is still in the league is because he throws an accurate missile deep ball. JP Losman’s arm still has to be tested. Even if he can throw the deep ball, usually offensive coordinators are scared to go that route with an inexperienced quarterback.

Either way fantasy owners are sleeping far too much on Moulds. He is settling in the category of “major steal” in plenty of leagues. This isn’t a mid thirties wideout, as he is only 32. He should be counted on as a non questionable number two fantasy wide receiver, and an all season long lock if you happened to land him as your third.


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