Think of the Arizona Cardinals wide receivers. Who comes to mind? Instantly two names pop up. One in Anquan Boldin and the other as Larry Fitzgerald. The funny thing is, while those two will be the main figures of the Cardinals offense, there is a serious sleeper with fine talent. That wide out is none other than Bryant Johnson, who was taken with the Cardinals first round pick over second rounder Anquan Boldin.

While Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald were able to step in and shine, it has taken Bryant Johnson a little longer. It has been a slow process to the standards of a first round pick but he has been a solid producer. His stats may not show it, as of the last two years he has only averaged around five hundred yards receiving and a mere couple of touchdowns.

If you were to ask Kurt Warner though he would say different. Anyone that watched the Cardinals when Kurt Warner was dropping back, could easily notice his favoritism a little bit towards Johnson. They developed that connection in preseason and training camp last season.

For fantasy owners the big question is, why even look at the name Bryant Johnson? The reason is because of talent and the team he is on. An added bonus is that his contract expires at the end of this year, and you can bet Johnson will get his name out for a free agent campaign worth some dollars. One other major reason is the simple fact that Anquan Boldin has never been on the field a full season since his rookie year. At some time in the year he develops some itty injury that carries over a length of time that it should not. Who knows if one of those times will turn into a season.

Boldin and Fitzgerald are young and the top of their positions as athletes. They’ll be ready for the physical contact and near 100 balls they’ll be seen thrown at them. Realistically though for both to make it through the season without missing a game or worse is unlikely. Meaning Bryant Johnson will see some heavy duty as the Cardinals are going to expand the offense even more with the addition of Edgerrin James.

We guarantee that Bryant Johnson will be a hot waiver wire pickup at some point and pay high dividends. Since his rookie year, he has been a sneaky player that has stayed off radars. That’s what averaging 450 yards and only one touchdown a year will do to you. Those stats though are very valuable for the time and number of catches he gets. A player can only do so much when only having forty balls thrown his way. All he needs to do is catch a break his way and get a little extra playing time on the field.

Johnson has seen the fabulous years of his buddies Fitzgerald and Boldin racking up near records as combo number one and two receivers. Deep down that has to be getting to him, especially since he was picked over Boldin. A free agent year somehow always falls into the hands of a player that has been waiting to shine throughout his first contract. No one exemplifies that statement more than Bryant Johnson. With a solid 2006 season you can bet a team will give him a chance as a main target in 2007.


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