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With twelve games in the NBA hitting a couple of totals should be on your radar. Mixing in totals with side plays is always a better recipe for a higher percentage evening over the long run. The frenetic pace of the NBA has been in rapid mode with several teams. The books have taken a bit of a loss with the way overs have hit over the last few weeks.

There are several factors to look at on why this occurred at such a high rate. One is that several key injuries have hit the NBA. Miami has been with and without Dwayne Wade, Phoenix-Eric Bledsoe, LA with their onslaught of injuries, the Clippers and Chris Paul, etc, etc. There are eight to twelve other teams I could list in detail here. Another high factor is the trades that have went through. Luol Deng was shipped to Cleveland, Rudy Gay to Sacramento, and a few other role players have shifted.

Not to mention that this year’s NBA rosters are counting on more first or second year players than ever. Defense has never been a customary skillset when it comes to a young athlete or the rigors of an NBA schedule. Several teams have just came off an expanded road trip or are about to embark on one.
Tonight ten out of the twelve games on the schedule are totals that hover over the 200 mark. That’s a spot that I will look to dig out two under totals as free plays for you.

The first under I would take (Check Your Lines At )is the Denver Nuggets and Cleveland Cavaliers. Both of these teams are coming off road battles on Wednesday night. Denver traveled to and won in Golden State, and the Cavaliers battled tough in Portland before stumbling in the late third and fourth quarter. 213 is just a high number in my mind from two teams that are still recouping their lineups. Denver’s is starting to get there and Cleveland’s is still in transformation having let Bynum depart and acquiring Luol Deng.

The second under that I will recommend comes between the Toronto Raptors and Minnesota Timberwolves. I always look to find a team that has played above their capabilities and is starting to come back down to Earth. Toronto would be that team currently. After a tremendous thirty days the Raptors finally succumbed in a bad loss on the road in Boston.

What has stood out in Toronto’s wins is their ability to defend. Offensively they have not impressed me. Poor shot selections and rushed attempts could of derailed a team, but their defense made up for it in spots. A young team that comes off a loss such as Toronto will have a rough time from the field in the next game. Their defense should stay strong but look for this game to sail under the total.

Turkey Day Podcast

Wednesday, 27 November, 2013

Week Twelve Fantasy Football Podcast

Thursday, 21 November, 2013

Potential Fourth Quarter Killers for Week Eleven

Wednesday, 13 November, 2013

Potential Fourth Quarter Killers for Week Eleven


TY Hilton
The past two weeks Hilton has had second half statistical surges as the Colts have trailed. Against Tennessee the Colts shouldn’t get behind, or be behind by insurmountable points. At the same token I do not expect the Colts to adjust their offense at any point in this game. After the performance Andrew Luck had against the Rams the Colts are going to want Luck to regain all confidence. They’ll have him firing from quarter one until a kneel down occurs.

Tiquan Underwood
Mark Glennon’s first outing where he didn’t look like a third string quarterback was against the Atlanta Falcons about a month ago. In that game he hit Vincent Jackson on a couple of deep balls and nearly led a comeback in Atlanta. Tampa finally got their first win of the season against the Dolphins and should be able to be competitive against a reeling Falcons team. Atlanta should be giving extra attention to Jackson after what happened last game, leaving Underwood available for some big plays.

Rashard Jennings
Quietly Oakland is in the top five in the NFL rushing the football. It isn’t happening with a premier back carving up defenses each week. It’s happening with a duel threat quarterback in Terrelle Pryor. Houston is at the point where the team is going to start looking worse as the weeks go on. Case Keenum has dazzled with some touchdown passes to Andre Johnson, but the team has still lost both games he has played in. Teams that come into the season with high expectations that whittle away are always team to capitalize on. Jennings will get over 100 yards rushing on the road in Houston.

Rob Gronkowski
An area the strong Carolina Panthers defense still is vulnerable in is pass defense. The Panthers caught a break against the 49ers last week when Vernon Davis exited early with an injury. The backup tight end had a chance to haul in a throw late in that game that could of led to a touchdown. The prior week the Panthers struggled with Tony Gonzalez and I expect the Patriots to be able to attack the Panthers with Gronk the entire game.

Reggie Bush
I’m not buying the Steelers first impressive defensive performance against the Buffalo Bills. EJ Manuel was just returning from an injury and did not look comfortable the entire day. This is the same Steelers defense that has aged and has big time issues with speed. Detroit possesses that with its receivers and the all-important Reggie Bush. This game could possibly be Bush’s best game of the season.

Others: DeMaryius Thomas, Keenan Allen, Eddie Lacy, Pierre Thomas, and Pierre Garcon

Week Ten Potential Fourth Quarter Killers

Wednesday, 6 November, 2013

Week Ten Potential Fourth Quarter Killers


RG3 and the Redskins just don’t want to make things easy on themselves. While that has been the case, there has been a fantasy points spree from RG3 late in games as a result. Thursday games this season have not necessarily been fantasy friendly but RG3 will break that mold.

Carson Palmer
Houston is in a dire situation that does not look good. Case Keenum shined against the Colts but will be facing a higher grade defense in the Arizona Cardinals. They’ll shadow Andre Johnson much better than the Colts did. Arizona has also been stout on defense at stopping the run. This is a perfect setup game for Palmer to have a coming out party with his arm. Look for Arizona to beat a poor Houston secondary time after time.

Matt Forte
Forte has had two great games, one against Washington before the bye week and last week against the Packers. New head coach Marc Trestman is putting on a show with his play calling. Everyone wants to talk about the Eagles being the most potent offense, but the Bears have been scoring at a higher rate this season. Watch Forte have another strong performance that leads into the fourth quarter.

Rashad Jennings
With Darren McFadden out Jennings gets a chance to fill the role he embraced as MJD’s backup in Jacksonville. Oakland needs their running game to be successful to have any shot at aiding Terrelle Pryor. It may not happen immediately this weekend, but Jennings should continue the trend of Oakland being a consistent threat for an RB2 in fantasy football.

DeMaryius Thomas
When Denver has big leads they don’t let off the gas. Peyton will still call audibles at the line of scrimmage to get the most out of a play. Against the Washington Redskins it resulted in a few miscues with interceptions. Other times it led to big plays. DeMaryius Thomas is a big receiver that no one wants to take down in the fourth quarter.

Keenan Allen
San Diego is going to need to throw a ton to try and compete with the Broncos. Over the last six weeks, Keenan Allen has been an ignition in the Chargers offense. Philip Rivers will continue to lean on his rookie and the Chargers will draw up favorable play calls for both. This game may be closer than people think but San Diego will certainly be in passing situations.

Others: Marshawn Lynch, Le’Veon Bell, Anquan Boldin, Jason Witten, Mike James, Frank Gore, and Zac Stacy.

Potential Fourth Quarter Killers Week Eight

Tuesday, 22 October, 2013

Potential Fourth Quarter Killers Week Eight


Week eight has six teams on bye week with the Bears, Titans, Colts, Chargers, Ravens, and Texans. That makes it even ever more important that you choose a viable fantasy football starter for Thursday and Monday’s games. Some of you are right on the fringe of getting into your league’s fantasy football playoff picture.

Here are some fourth quarter killer opportunity starters to use in week eight.

Mike Tolbert

Tolbert’s performance this past week against the Rams would of likely got some other running backs benched in the NFL. With the Panthers pinned on their own one yard line, Tolbert stutter stepped to find a hole, instead of lunging forward. It cost the Panthers a safety which could have been a tailspin negative effect. Luckily for Tolbert it wasn’t. Clearly the Panthers love to utilize Tolbert in short yardage situations. It has led to Tolbert getting the one yard plunging touchdowns that use to go to Cam Newton. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Tolbert get an increased work load in the fourth quarter, on top of his normal goal line and short yardage duties.

Jordan Cameron

Cameron has been awfully quiet the past few weeks as Brandon Weeden has put on multiple poor performances. A game against Kansas City isn’t going to be much easier on Weeden’s psyche. An area the Browns need to re-attack to give Weeden some confidence is throwing the football back to Cameron. It seemed when Josh Gordon returned from suspension and had a few breakout games, that the Browns shifted their passing game focus to Gordon. If a blowout occurs in this contest, I would expect Cameron to get easy targets with a relaxed Chiefs prevent defense.

Brian Hartline

Tom Brady hardly ever loses back to back games. In fact he usually comes out firing to avenge the prior week’s loss. A majority of Patriots losses during Tom Brady’s career could be traced to the Patriots defensive let downs. Against the Jets it was Brady that struggled against the Jets pressure and had a costly pick-six with an eleven point lead. Miami has back tracked considerably since a 3-0 start. Ryan Tannehill has been a turnover machine and the Dolphins can’t establish a ground game. One go to guy for Tannehill has been Hartline. Expect Hartline to get ample targets late and be a fourth quarter fantasy contributor.

Le’Veon Bell

After a month on the job it appears that enough has been learned on Terrelle Pryor’s skillset. In the second half against the Chargers the offense went to shutdown mode, even though they held on to victory. Against Kansas City, Pryor had a successful first quarter before the Chiefs adjusted to shutdown Pryor’s running capabilities. Without his legs Pryor is not savvy enough yet to be a passing quarterback. It led to an unsettled offense and an atrocious interception thrown by Pryor in the second half against Kansas City. I suspect that Pryor’s woes will linger over against a Steelers team now on a two game winning streak. Le’Veon Bell has been a mini catalyst for the Steelers offense and should get a heavy workload in the second half against the Raiders.

Michael Floyd

If you could label a young Vincent Jackson molded receiver in the NFL—Michael Floyd would fit that bill. He is a tall athletic target that can possess the football over smaller defensive backs. Atlanta has struggled in many areas on defense this year. Matt Ryan struggled a year ago against the Cardinals with several first half interceptions. This should be a good matchup but I expect Carson’s week to week woes to position the Falcons nicely. Floyd will probably have an all around quality game that turns into a great one based on his fourth quarter stats.
Others: Jared Cook, Greg Jennings, Jordan Reed, Pierre Garcon, Terrence Williams, and Khiry Robinson