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Post Week 12: You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Wednesday, 30 November, 2005

Where are your star fantasy athletes? Probably on this week’s list of you’ve got to be kidding me.


Ryan Fitzpatrick
No fantasy owner can believe stats like Fitzpatrick’s went unused by 100 percent of fantasy owners. It almost never happens in the NFL that a backup does as good as Fitzpatrick did Sunday. Not only did he do well, he led the Rams back from twenty one points for an overtime victory. Repeating this mark may be hard to due, considering Fitzpatrick will be game planned for this week.

Kyle Boller
He decided to show up when the game was out of reach. Boller was expected to do something positive this season. The best thing he did was get hurt and spare us from watching bad performances. Never has a professional football team needed a quarterback more than Baltimore.

Drew Brees
LT can’t do it all. Drew is starting to enter the play of zone that begins to question whether or not he is a franchise quarterback. The guy is amazing when Antonio Gates is on the field, but without his safety target he is a different quarterback. Brees may just need receivers to flourish on another level. One thing that’s definite, is that Brees needs to elevate his play for the Chargers to make a late run.

Kerry Collins
Collins just lost any chance of ever being a fantasy starting quarterback. Many owners went out of their way to draft Collins only to be stunned week by week. He has all the weapons a quarterback can ask for, but makes more mistakes than Brett Favre (joking). If Collins were ever to find some consistency he’d be golden in fantasy football.

Steve McNair
He hasn’t been doing too bad. He’ll need to keep that arm ready to sling, as he’ll need to spread it out against the Colts.

Running Backs

Brian Westbrook
See what he can do as an actual running back? Westbrook is a Pro Bowl type running back, but never gets the opportunity to shine. Maybe with Donovan McNabb out, he’ll be more involved every week. If he finishes out the year well, he should be considered a top ten back in the NFL. Sort of a Marshall Faulk of the late 90’s back. One that can run the ball well and be just as dangerous out of the backfield.

Ron Dayne
A fluke on turkey day, who would of known. Dayne broke out on a few runs that’ll make his career footage vault in a few years. He’ll be a great trivia question in ten years. Which former Heisman had a career day on Thanksgiving?

Vintage LT. His performance alone on Sunday deserved attention from ESPN classic. What he did in the final five minutes against the Redskins is comparable to Reggie Miller’s eight points in some odd seconds against the Knicks.

Ricky Williams
Miami wasn’t joking that they were going to split the carries up. Williams leaner look is paying off when he can get in the open field. He should still add a little extra weight so that he can also add that punishing style back to his resume.

Wide Receivers

Joey Galloway
He keeps producing, but we still can’t believe it. He did nothing for almost five years, and now is all of the sudden a stud. Something will give soon on Galloway. If not he’ll be at the Pro Bowl and the comeback athlete of the year.

Andre Johnson
There he is. David Carr got him the ball for the first time this season. This duo was expected to be one of the top ten connections this year. Instead it’s been one of those look over dumb presumptions.

Joe Jurevicious
Jurevicious is a tall receiver that can go get the football. Hasselbeck will find him and does often. But as the weeks keep going, you can see Hasselbeck leaning a little too much on Jurevicious. In overtime this past weekend, Hasselbeck got away with a throw that was intended for Jurevicious but looked like a gift to the Giants.

Lavernues Coles
The most disappointing big time athlete acquired in the offseason is ….

Beginning for Fitzpatrick

Sunday, 27 November, 2005

Once in awhile you’ll find a true warrior story going into the NFL Draft. An athlete that has been under the radar his whole athletic career, but yet still keeps his goals high. 6’3 quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick may end up being a second day no name selection when his name is called, but he?ll work harder than ever to make sure he makes a roster, and go from there.

Coming out of Highland High School in Arizona, Fitzpatrick received little or no attention from division one schools. He had carried the Hawks on his back for nearly three seasons, but yet the lone offer he received was from Eastern Washington. Fitzpatrick’s grades were phenomenal so he decided to enroll at Harvard, and try his luck with their football program.

From day one he impressed the Harvard coaching staff, and went on to set numerous Ivy League records. Now that his collegiate career is over though, the normal assumption is so would be his football career. To this date there have been very few Ivy league quarterbacks to make it to the NFL, and one that still is standing is Jay Fiedler. In fact it wasn’t too long ago that the 49ers tried that route with Giovanni Carmazzi from Hofstra but it didn?t work out.

Fitzpatrick isn’t afraid to dig in and go for something, and football won?t be his only option if he doesn’t get the opportunity. Along with his economics degree, Fitzpatrick may also be interested in working behind the scenes for a sports franchise. Last summer, he was an intern for the Boston Celtics after he contacted Danny Ainge about any opportunities. He has been impressive at the combine thus far, and wouldn’t be shocking to see him drafted in the late fifth or early sixth round as a steal. This is definitely an athlete that you have to rate for his talent, and not make him suffer because he played against weaker college teams.

There hasn’t been a quarterback debut like Fitzpatrick’s in a long time. The ball is now in his field, as the Rams will likely give him the rest of the season to show his value. He’ll encounter his bumps like any rookie. By the end of the season though he’ll prove to be a better quarterback and have more stats than Kyle Orton will have. Remember Orton practically started the entire season for the Bears.

Week 12 Selections

Sunday, 27 November, 2005

Week 12 Picks
By Zack Cimini

Carolina over Buffalo
Cincinnati over Baltimore
San Francisco over Tennessee
Kansas City over New England
Minnesota over Cleveland
Chicago over Tampa Bay
San Diego over Washington
Houston over St. Louis
Oakland over Miami
Arizona over Jacksonville
Green Bay over Philadelphia
NY Giants over Seattle
New Orleans over Jets
Steelers over Colts

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, 24 November, 2005

Losman Should Start

Wednesday, 16 November, 2005

Time and time again a quarterback isn’t benched by play, but rather from injury. When Kelly Holcomb went down against the Chiefs, JP Losman was ready. Ready to show the Bills that he didn’t deserve to have his job taken away. What’d Losman do. He went out there and brought instant life into the Bills offense. Life that wasn’t there when Holcomb was trying to put things together.

All that the Bills needed and wanted from Losman was exactly what he displayed Sunday. The ability to move the offense with some regularity. He hit deep passes and made the right decisions on key plays. Earlier in the season, Losman couldn’t get the offense moving even if he had all day to throw the football. Defenses wore him down and out quicker than he could recover. The insurance of having Kelly Holcomb as quarterback immediately substituted for Losman’s lackluster performances.

While Holcomb showed his veteran skills, the young and fearless Losman sat and learned some more. You can bet he worked even harder and studied film on what he needed to correct. There hasn’t been many quarterbacks that have stepped in and instantly grasped their team in the right direction in a long time.

So now the question is who should start week eleven?

The conservative choice would be Holcomb. He has been on a playoff team before and even quarterbacked a wild card loss to the Steelers. Then again the Bills had a veteran quarterback of higher caliber in Drew Bledsoe that they were quick to let go. The reason why, was because of JP Losman.

The Bills believed strongly it was time to go in another direction with Losman starting, and that shouldn’t change now. Give the kid a half season to finish on a good or bad note. Either way the bigger picture suggests that’s the logical way to go. The NY Giants were involved in a similar situation last season with Eli Manning and Kurt Warner. At 5-4, they rested the veteran Warner and threw Manning in to learn. At the time that looked idiotic, but now you could say that was a brilliant move.

In all reality, the Bills are going to have a hard time making the playoffs. The only way they could get in is if they win the division. The Patriots have had their struggles this season, but the Bills aren’t strong enough to take them down yet.

Now with the extra experience under his belt, that could be a whole different game a year from now. The Bills defense is young and coming together, and offensively there aren’t many things that need to be changed. The whole direction of this team is on the presence of its quarterback. Holcomb isn’t playing like a Drew Brees who shunned Philip Rivers from the spotlight. He has played merely okay, and that’s not enough to want to bring him back as your starter next season.

Losman is the man, and the Bills will likely make the right decision on who to start this week and the rest of the season.

Post Week Ten Waiver Wire

Wednesday, 16 November, 2005

Playoffs? Playoffs? Is your fantasy football team as burnt as an overcooked steak? If you’re yelling that “playoffs” message to your other partners in fantasy football, than yes. With three to four regulars season games left in fantasy football, it’s all about how you drafted in August now. Unless your team is injured the waiver wire is not going to help you right now.

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h3. Quarterbacks

Byron Leftwich
With Fred Taylor hurt, the Jaguars will give Leftwich some extra plays to throw with his arm. For the first time in his career he is having some other targets besides Jimmy Smith to hit. The emergence of rookie Matt Jones is popping up every week. In fact, Jimmy Smith has even began to pout about not getting the ball enough.

Gus Frerotte
If Miami can’t run the ball than Frerotte will be chucking the football like he did Sunday. Miami has an arsenal of weapons at tight end and wide receiver, so Frerotte should put up decent numbers for the rest of the season. With the Dolphins fading out of the playoff picture, desperation times will come to the main center against defenses. More designed big plays to spark the offense through the passing game will try to be planned out.

David Carr
Throw his poor season out the window. A quarterback with his talent can only be held in check for so long. Carr is going to have a few dazzling performances before the year is done, and also get the Texans a few wins. The unfortunate season for Carr is only going to make him better in the long run. No quarterback that can take a beating like Carr’s takes the field with a poor manner. He loves the game and will show that poise and determination before the year is done.

Mike McMahon
He’ll likely offer more for the Eagles now than McNabb could when playing hurt. McMahon is mobile and sees the field well. The problem for McMahon is sometimes the defense reads his passes even better.

Running Backs

Adrian Peterson
One thing the Bears know they must have great depth at is running back. They secured that with the drafting of both Peterson and Cedric Benson. Starting running back Thomas Jones has been nicked up all season long, and Cedric Benson is now hurt for an undetermined time length. Peterson has the confidence of a starting running back, and has ran like one when given the opportunity.

JJ Arrington
The season has been one of the worst a starting running back could ever have. Looking past that the season isn’t over yet. Dennis Green wants to solve the Cardinals mystery at running back, and will try to salvage it on a week to week basis. If there aren’t any holes to hit, than the result will be what has happened the previous weeks for Arrington. Often it only takes that one week for a new offensive line to blend together. Who knows if that week will be during your fantasy football teams playoff run.

Wide Receiver

Charles Rogers
When one receiver from a team enjoys a game 100 percent, that means it’s time to look at the other receivers on that roster. Roy Williams had a career game against the Cardinals, and you can bet a game like that won’t happen again anytime soon. He’ll face more from opposing defenses, and that’ll free up some big plays for Charles Rogers. Either Rogers or Mike Williams should finish the season strong.

Marty Booker
Chris Chambers is beginning to not be the sure target of Gus Frerotte. Booker may not make the huge plays down field, but he moves the chains with solid median routes. Booker has some great years on his resume, and is going to keep drawing more looks from Frerotte if Chambers keeps struggling.

Lee Evans
Favoritism from a quarterback to a receiver, can mean the difference in several touchdowns. Kelly Holcomb’s favorite target is Eric Moulds. For former Bills quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, and JP Losman Lee Evans was and is. Losman hooked up with Evans on two quick scores against the Kansas City Chiefs. Evans had a similar stretch last year that started towards the middle of the season. If Losman is renamed the starter, you can expect a similar finish.