NFL ATS Preview Jets vs Dolphins

Saturday, 3 October, 2015

Follow@cimini Zack Cimini, Hollis Barnhart, and John Cranton discuss Sunday morning’s early London NFL game between the Jets and Dolphins.

Monday Night Football ATS Preview Chiefs vs Packers

Saturday, 26 September, 2015

Follow @cimini On Tuesday, Zack, Hollis, and John Cranton discussed several key games ATS upcoming this weekend. Week three can be a tricky spot for handicappers and oddsmakers. See where Zack, Hollis, and John see Monday’s night’s games landing ATS between the Packers and Chiefs.

NFL Week Two ATS Preview Patriots vs Bills

Thursday, 17 September, 2015

Follow@cimini Each week Zack Cimini, Hollis Barnhart, and John Cranton discuss games ATS. Here they discuss the Patriots and Bills matchup

NFL Week One Handicapping Preview

Thursday, 10 September, 2015

Follow on Twitter@cimini Just like in the preseason, Zack Cimini and Hollis Barnhart will continue to offer advice ATS in the NFL. Listen in as they have different opinions on two matchups ATS in week one. Be sure to check their premium plays out here or on

Rousey vs Mayweather

Wednesday, 2 September, 2015 CEO and head oddsmaker, Joey Oddessa, makes Rousey the favorite in battle of the sexes with Mayweather Women’s MMA superstar Ronda Rousey and polarizing champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. have been throwing jabs at each other for over a year now. Of course, these two aren’t literally trading blows but have been in a […]

Week Three Preseason Handicapping Preview

Friday, 28 August, 2015

Follow on Twitter@cimini Zack Cimini and Hollis Harvard Barnhart discuss week three from a handicapping perspective. Get insight on a couple of games as teams play their starters for longer periods in week three. NFL Preseason Week 3 Handicapping Preview from Zack Cimini on Vimeo.