Whose Left?

By Zack Cimini

It’s that time of year where all your hard work could be erased by one bad roster move. Don’t be that team that’s put on a show all year, and done all the gloating and smack talking to your buddies. After all nothing is worse than going into the fantasy playoffs with all the glory and being put to rest with the quickness. In an odd year where inconsistent play has plagued the fantasy world it is going to continue to be about sneaking some fantasy points here and there to gain an edge. Meaning you can still work the waiver wire to your advantage if you’re feeling a little risky.

So whose left to take a look at for favorable matchups in these last few weeks?


Jason Campbell- Campbell taking the brunt of criticism for Washington’s woes offensively and being a quarterback unwanted for years but starting because of default. Washington has had issues from coaching to the front office but Jason Campbell has held his end of the bargain as much as a quarterback could.
Chris Redman- Redman has done well enough in his spot duty to be tracked on fantasy owners radars that have had to deal with Jay Cutler or another struggling fantasy starter. Redman seems comfortable with the Falcons playbook and is distributing the football nicely for the Falcons. Keep an eye on Matt Ryan’s status, but the Falcons likely have no reason to rush him back out on the field.

Charlie Frye- It appears as if the Raiders have seen enough from incumbent starter Jamarcus Russell. Even with Bruce Gradkowski done for the year the Raiders are looking to go elsewhere at quarterback and let Frye step in. We applaud the move as no one can bare to witness Russell struggle so poorly anymore. The Raiders have actually been semi decent offensively with a different quarterback other than Russell at the helm. Frye will have three games it looks like to maybe push Russell to the idea that he may have to challenge for the backup role let alone starter. This was a similar tactic the Cardinals did this year with Matt Leinart.

Running Back

Chris Jennings- The shuffling of quarterbacks, running backs, and you name it in Cleveland has us all confused. Eric Mangini wants players out on the field that want to play and Jennings seems to be the back answering the call.

Maurice Morris- With Kevin Smith out the rest of the year the workload will shift to more of a tandem backfield with Morris likely edging Aaron Brown for majority of carries. Detroit’s offense is going to be nothing too write home about with Daunte Culpepper under the gun. Picking up Morris or Brown would be an absolute no other choice at running back move.

Willis McGahee- McGahee bounces back and forth from the proverbial fantasy stud to outcast. Ray Rice will be a top five fantasy back if not higher going into 2010 and for years to come. McGahee’s role will be modified depending on Joe Flacco’s struggles. The Ravens thought he was ready to carry this offense more with his arm than handing it off. That proved to be a costly move as Flacco has struggled with the Ravens throwing more than running. Last week that went back to their bread and butter and that means utilizing McGahee along with Rice.

Tight End

Fred Davis- Davis is finally utilizing the talents the Redskins have been waiting to see in action. Davis struggled in preseason with countless drops that carried over into the regular season. Repetition and countless mental lashings from his coaches seem to have finally worked. Jason Campbell has always been a quarterback that relies on his tight ends and is why Chris Cooley was a major factor as a tight end for so long. When he was lost for the year Davis was expected to handle the role without a problem. It took him almost the entire year but of the last three games Davis is one of the hottest fantasy tight ends in football. The yardage numbers are not there but four touchdowns in three games speaks very well for a tight end.

Wide Receivers

Reggie Brown- Browns whereabouts were on the level of where’s waldo. He was no where to be found buried and lost in a village of youth. One thing Brown has developed over the years is trust with Donovan McNabb. Injuries to Kevin Curtis, Jeremy Maclin, and DeSean Jackson gave Jason Avant and Reggie Brown time to shine with an increased role. Brown has taken advantage of it and might be worth a look at if Maclin and Curtis need extra time to cope with their injuries. The Eagles are going to throw the ball easily up to 40 times a game. The distribution has to be broken up somehow and Brown will factor in like he has the last several weeks.

Davone Bess/Greg Camarillo- With the wildcat seemingly out in Miami the play calling has shifted to Chad Henne and traditional pass plays. Bess and Camarillo are starting to become Henne’s reliable go to guys. The problem is which one is going to be the main contributor on any given week. Henne’s comfort is gaining each week and is poised for an all around break out statistical game. Dolphins receivers are fantasy worthy for the first time since Chris Chambers wore a Dolphin uniform.

Sam Aiken- Aiken was blanketed to similar numbers as Randy Moss last week against Carolina with zero catches. That’s the type of dud performance that usually would keep someone obscured completely and off the radar. But these are the New England Patriots that love to throw the ball and abandon the run. Aiken has been sporadic at best but has the big play ability worth a gamble on if you’re desperate.

Hakeem Nicks- When Eli Manning was discovering Steve Smith and Mario Manningham as his rising young receivers Nicks was sidelined at the time. He has bounced back and quickly become the Giants main big play receiver. Steve Smith has the skills and trust of Manning as their possession receiver. Expect Nicks to continue to make big plays and to have a few shots at jump balls with his gargantuan hands.