Waiver Wire Post Week Six

Its the same feeling. Time to ponder the waiver wire. Make those perfectly unperfect moves that maybe..just maybe will give your team that extra push to stop suffering those six point fantasy losses.


Brian Griese
The Bears fledgling running game has made them have to utilize the arm of quarterback Brian Griese. He is coming along nicely since becoming starter. By utilizing his tight ends in Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark, Griese has gave his receivers more of a chance to beat teams deep. The more and more snaps that Devin Hester gets on offense will also make Griese a strong considerate for fantasy football.

Damon Huard
Clearly Huard is better than Brody Croyle. He’s more experienced and has a stronger presence in the pocket. Do not expect Huard to lose this job. It definitely will not be given to Brody Croyle. As long as Huard keeps Tony Gonzalez involved in the passing attack, he’ll be fine.
Vinny Testaverde
It was thought of as sort of a joke but Testaverde did a damn god job last week for the Panthers. Previously the Cardinals defense had done a good job of shutting offenses down. For Testaverde maybe the youth came out of him for a week. He is still in the midst of barely joining the team. He may have been playing more unconscious than anything, which helps a veteran from thinking too much on plays. If the Panthers can keep the tandem of DeAngelo Williams and DeShaun Foster strong, and receiver Steve Smith healthy, than Testaverde can do more than a suitable job for the Panthers.

Running Backs

Michael Bennett
The trade to the Buccaneers gives Bennett a window he hasn’t had in years. Earnest Graham lived above what the Buccaneers expect from him last week. With Bennett they get a guy that can carry the ball like a Michael Turner. Maybe ten carries a game, but explosive carries that can be long gainers on any one of them. Garcia also likes to hit his backs out in the flat, which will be another plus of adding Bennett.

Kevin Faulk
It seems at some point in the year the Patriots always have to rely on a true veteran of their team to come up big. Troy Brown did it for a long time, and Kevin Faulk will be administered those duties now. Laurence Maroney has been a game time withdrawal the last few weeks. Maybe that was a good thing that the Pats didn’t rush him back, or maybe this injury is going to be on going. The back that was making people forget about Maroney, in Sammy Morris, subsequently had an injury himself in last week’s game. Now Faulk will have to get some amount of carries. He carried twelve times against the Cowboys.

Reuben Droughns
The beat up backfield express continues over at the New York Giants. Derrick Ward has managed to keep his role through injury, but must have had some sort of reduction for those reasons last week. Brandon Jacobs played through his as well, but the bigger factor was Droughns. He carried the load fourteen times for ninety yards and a touchdown. This crowded backfield may be too big, but it is an injury prone one. Jacobs still is the main guy as he’ll get the most touchdowns, but the way they keep getting hurt makes you wonder if Droughns will be the main guy at some point this year.

Wide Receivers

Chris Henry
Before owners of TJ Houzmanzadeh get to used to his outrageous weekly numbers, Chris Henry will be back on the field in a matter of weeks. His eight game suspension will be over, and there is no doubt that the Bengals will want his skills. The Bengals have struggled poorly at running the football, and in years past that hasn’t stopped Henry, Houzmanzadeh, and Chad Johnson from having huge years. Last year alone Henry caught nine touchdowns in only thirteen games. Scoop him up before the buzz breaks on ESPN of stupid talks on whether Henry should play this year or not.

Kevin Walter
Andre Johnson should be en route to becoming a game time decision. While he has been out of action, receivers such as Kevin Walter and Andre Davis have soared on the waiver wire pickup charts. Walter stole the show and completely annihilated his receivers stats this past week with a 160 yard 12 reception day. It’s hard to tell if Walter just had the beat that day, or if Schaub has found a go to guy now. One week it’s Andre Davis, one it’s Owen Daniels, and one its Kevin Walter. Make up your mind Schaub and pick your go to guy.