Time to Sit Cassel

By Zack Cimini

Teams are in such dire need to find that franchise quarterback that they’re unleashing millions on quarterbacks that haven’t proven a thing. A backup that steps in and shows he can play a half a season or even a season doesn’t warrant spending millions to try and solidify your own problems. It happened in Kansas City when former Patriot front office associate, Scott Piolo, took the GM position for Kansas City and thought he would bring some Patriot luck with him. Now with Cassel going through a year almost as bad as Jamarcus Russell it has caused silent alarm within the organization.

Last week head coach Todd Haley decided to bring in backup Brodie Croyle after being behind in yet another blowout loss. We’ve lost count how many times Croyle has been brought in, but from what we’ve seen it looks to be a better move for the possibility of wins too insert Croyle as starter.

There are so many arguments against that move, but new coach Todd Haley has never been one to second guess a decision. Lets not forget he was the one that yanked Anquan Boldin last year in the playoffs during the fourth quarter. With so much invested in Cassel we all know the Chiefs will not give up on him. Maybe though inserting Croyle will give Cassel to see his position from a different light and reemphasize what he needs to work on in the off-season.

Cassel is a guy that has literally had two quality games all season long. It’s remarkable the Chiefs have been in as many games that they’ve been in . Issues surrounding his woes could be blamed on numerous things. He started the year off rough with an injury and probably tried to come back a bit early and play through it. Of course he also had to deal with Larry Johnson. A back that gave up on Kansas City two years ago. All in all though Cassel has had severe stretches of abysmal performances.

Maybe with New England the dink and dump style worked because of the system and players. Cassel has tried to take that approach each game with Kansas City and it just isn’t working. The run after the catch isn’t there and he is not making starting quarterback decisions. He has so many bad alarming statistics that jump out. His yardage totals for 12 starts are only 1,982 yards; 9 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

The line has to be drawn somewhere and quickly. Cassel isn’t getting the job done and Haley will be forced to make the decision very soon. The too good Kurt Warner story part II doesn’t look to be progressing.

It almost looked like it would happen. The quarterback that was a backup his whole career in college but still was drafted. Plays behind a future Hall of Famer that goes down to a season ending injury. Cassel played very well in the system in New England….AT TIMES. It’ll be interesting to see how his career moves forward.