Terrible Two's, Not Necessarily

Has there ever been a year where there have been so many teams with question marks at the second wide receiver spot? A lot of it has to due with the amount of new youth of talent at the receiver position. This fact though scares fantasy owners as they want guys who they know are going to for sure be beneficial to them. This was the same reasoning for Jerricho Cotchery and Mike Furrey going undrafted in 95 percent of leagues last season. As these receivers with golden opportunities slip in drafts, one has to wonder which receivers are going to have the best chance to prove their mark for fantasy teams. By analyzing and breaking down the teams with inexperienced receivers at the number two spot, we decided to rank accordingly where we think these receivers should be.

1. Devery Henderson, New Orleans
Henderson still has to be out rookie Robert Meachem. Early on though expect Henderson to start and continue to make big contributions for the Saints. Last year Henderson and Colston came onto the scene for fantasy owners and this year will not be a shocker.

2. Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh
Holmes is everything the Steelers wanted from Antwan Randle El but couldn’t get from him as a receiver. Holmes brings his attributes not only to the return game but showed in his rookie year that he is something special at wide receiver. He had over 800 yards receiving with only 49 catches. Add a total of at least 65-70 catches from him this year. With a healthy Hines Ward opposite him Holmes is going to have some monster games.

3. Greg Jennings, Green Bay
Green Bay’s main target is still Donald Driver who is probably the oldest consistent durable receiver in the league. Jennings showed enough flashes last year to be confident with him as your third wide receiver. The Packers like to throw the football a lot and Favre loves to spread the ball around. Jennings is poised to breakout in his second season and continue to learn from great veterans in Brett Favre and Donald Driver.

4. DJ Hackett, Seattle Seahawks
Almost a perfect fit to replace Darrell Jackson. He is the exact type of receiver that works well in the Seahawks offense. The Seahawks offense is usually high octane and fast paced. A lot of yardage is going to come from it, and DJ Hackett will be a beneficiary.

5. Philadelphia, Kevin Curtis
He was able to have fantasy relevance for years as the St. Louis Rams third wide receiver. Now his role is bumped up to starting wideout with the Philadelphia Eagles. We’ll find out quickly if Curtis was a product of the Rams system or a legit receiver. The Eagles have certainly had their problems finding Donovan McNabb receivers. One is in place in Reggie Brown but more are needed.

6. Ashley Lelie, San Francisco
A year ago Lelie thought he was about to get a fat check by running his mouth to the Denver organization. Well he was cut and signed with Atlanta where he did little to show his value. He has to be hungry now and mature enough to handle his business the right way. San Francisco is quickly transforming from a young team to a dangerous young team. Lelie will just need to get back to his original mind state when he entered the league. If he does he’ll have a long term deal that he wanted just a year ago in Denver.

7. Dwayne Jarrett, Carolina Panthers
Assuming he holds off Drew Carter for the second receiver spot all you have to do is look at Keyshawn Johnson’s Panthers numbers. Jarrett has the same body size and will be used similarly. As long as Steve Smith takes pressure off of him then Jarrett can get some spot duty bye week starts for fantasy teams.

8. Ronald Curry, Oakland Raiders
Moss is gone and suddenly Jerry Porter is back in the fold for the Raiders. Well Art Shell is gone but Porter went practically a full year without stepping onto the field. Curry on the other hand has been a steady improvement year in and year out for the Raiders. If it weren’t for injuries he may already have been a known fantasy gem. The Raiders will be losing a lot. Unlike when Randy Moss’s numbers would go down from losing, Curry’s and the Raiders receivers should go up. More balls being thrown in blowouts should give Curry plenty of bonus receptions and a few extra touchdowns.

9. Craig Davis, San Diego
Eric Parker’s out for ten weeks with an injury and Davis appears to be the front runner to take his spot. Still, the overwhelmingly slanted San Diego offense in favor of Antonio Gates and LT may mean little for the Chargers second wide receiver. Keep your eyes on the development of newly number one wideout Vincent Jackson. If he handles it well then options will be limited for Davis. San Diego’s receivers have yet to be a factor in fantasy football for several years.

10. Brandon Lloyd, Washington Redskins
How he had such a poor first year with the Redskins was stunning. Maybe he should of stayed a 49er as he was emerging as a solid receiver their. Perhaps the transition to the Redskins new offensive system and coaches shunned Lloyd away a bit. Expect a turnaround of some sort as his numbers can not be any worse than last years.


Peerless Price, Buffalo Bills
Michael Clayton, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Marty Booker, Miami Dolphins
Bobby Wade, Minnesota Vikings
Kevin Walter, Houston Texans
Roydell Williams and Brandon Jones, Tennessee Titans