Strasburg Starting Soon

By Dustin Sullivan

In the 2009 MLB Draft, the Washington Nationals selected RHP Stephen Strasburg as the #1 overall pick. Strasburg throws a fast ball that consistently hits 100 plus on the radar gun and only drops to the mid-90s as the game goes on. Many baseball experts say that he will be a starter in the big leagues within the next year, but I think that he’ll be with the Nationals rotation sooner than most people think.

When you have a team like the Washington Nationals that are struggling in both on and off the field areas, Strasburg is just the guy they need to be the “savior” of the organization. The Nationals are a struggling team with only one or two players that could be considered All-Stars. Strasburg is the perfect guy to help the Nationals’ pitching staff get back in the right directions. Strasburg, if he plays this year, will be entering a pitching staff that has the worst ERA in the Major League at 5.34. The Nationals will be taking a risk in possibly bringing Strasburg to the Majors earlier than any player has ever been called up, but I think it’s a risk that should be taken. This is a Nationals’ team that not only needs someone to turn their season around, but would come in and bring confidence to a struggling organization in the years to come. Many people say that Strasburg is more than ready to pitch in the Majors and, in my opinion, there is no reason sticking him in the Minors where he will dominate easily. If the kid is ready to take on the best hitters in the game, then let him go for it!