Automatic/Don't Do It: Week Four

By Ted Cahill

It really is a fantasy world.

The Denver Broncos are 3-0, Michael Vick is even talking to potential sponsors and the Lions actually have a win. As for what’s going on in Cleveland and Kansas City, well it can’t all be perfect, can it?

Your fantasy team probably isn’t perfect either, so we’re here to help you make some final decisions this week. Once again I’m not here to tell you to start Steven Jackson and sit Chad Henne. You should be able to handle those moves on your own. Instead we’ll tackle the more borderline questions every owner faces week in and week out.

Cedric Benson, Bengals at Cleveland
The Cleveland run defense continues to be absolutely awful. Benson has already performed well against quality defenses, now he gets to go against one allowing 5.4 yards per carry. Keep in mind the last time he faced the Browns he dusted them for 171 yards.

Kevin Walter, Texans vs. Oakland
Walter came off his injury very well last week and caught a touchdown. Now the Texans will try and get their season back on track at home against the Raiders, who are allowing 211 yards per game through the air and are dinged up in the secondary.

Knowshon Moreno, Broncos vs. Dallas
The ‘Boys are allowing 4.7 yards per rush this year. It’s been a pretty weak effort for Dallas this year and facing an undefeated team on the road likely won’t help matters. Moreno should really show off his skills this week.

Eli Manning, Giants at Kansas City
He may not throw the ball quite as much as his owners might like, but when he does throw it this week look out. The Chiefs are an embarrassment and allowing 243 passing yards a game.


Cadillac Williams, Buccaneers at Washington
Williams is nursing a knee injury and the Redskins play on a turf field. This isn’t the week to risk further injury to the lead running back for Tampa Bay. He’ll play, but probably won’t get the most carries this week.

Reggie Bush, Saints vs. New York
The Jets have done a fine job taking on Rex Ryan’s defense. They’ve really limited running backs in the receiving game, shutting down Steve Slaton and Chris Johnson so far. This isn’t the ideal week for Bush.
Roy Williams, Cowboys at Denver
Champ Bailey will turn his attention to Williams this week. I guess this just isn’t a good week to be named Williams in the NFL,

Brett Favre, Vikings at Green Bay
If you think the Packers aren’t charged up for a shot a Favre, you’re crazy. He might go off or he might go off in a body bag. That isn’t a risk to be taking with your quarterback slot.

Matchup to watch: Tom Brady vs. Baltimore defense
Baltimore allows only 2.5 yards per rush, so look for Brady to air the ball out again this week. But Baltimore has some ball hawks back there waiting for just that. They’ve already got six interceptions this season. This is a big game for Baltimore to establish AFC supremacy, you can be sure they’re gunning for Brady.

Pickup of the Week: Vernon Davis vs. St. Louis
The Rams have allowed the fourth most passing yards to tight ends so far. That’s fortunate for Davis, who is Shaun Hill’s favorite target this year. He’s coming off a two-touchdown game, look for more production from the Maryland product.