Receivers With Opportunities

By Zack Cimini

The continued conversations on reducing preseason games has been a hot topic for years. What isn’t is all the early season injuries that happen. Injuries are going to happen but the huge spike at the start of the season has to raise eyebrows. Coaches aren’t allowing their athletes to get enough physical contact during the preseason, with enough quarters to play in. Starters are lucky if they play a complete games minutes during a four game preseason. Thus after week one injuries are rampant and this leaves opportunities galore for players ready to step in.

This week we will focus on a few situations at the receiver position. Seattle, Indianapolis, Arizona, Tampa Bay, and Oakland all have statuses with receivers that will not or likely won’t play. This gives fantasy owners a great chance to sneak in a bench spot receiver or waiver wire pickup for the week.

Out: Antonio Bryant In: Sammie Stroughter

Bryant’s knee still isn’t fully recovered from surgery right before preseason, so in steps Stroughter. Byron Leftwich has had issues with his accuracy but threw over 40 passes week one. Tampa did get down against Dallas’s high octane offense, but expect Leftwich to still throw between 25-30 passes a week.

Out: Anthony Gonzalez In: Pierre Garcon

For now Garcon will try to fill the void with Gonzalez out for an extended amount of time. The Colts did sign Hank Baskett and we will have to see how he is utilized in a few weeks. Peyton Manning is going to make someone besides Reggie Wayne fantasy relevant. Garcon gets his chance, can he make the most of it?

Out: Chaz Schilens: In: Louis Murphy

Murphy stepped in and out did fellow rookie first round selection Darrius Heyward-Bey. We will see how this plays out on a week to week basis, as Jamarcus Russell only completed 12 passes week one. Still the Raiders seem to be more comfortable with attacking through the air with their offense. Schilens is due back within the next few weeks. Until then Murphy and Bey will be positioning themselves for the second spot upon Schilens return.

Out: TJ Houshmanzadeh: In: Nate Burelson
Housh likely will not play making Nate Burelsons value rise for the week. Burelson is already a starter but being the number one option in a west coast offense is going to raise his stock dramatically. He should receive plenty of looks from Matt Hasselbeck, in the area of 12-15 passes his way.

Steve Breaston, Anquan Boldin: In: Jerehme Urban

Both Breaston and Boldin are nicked up but expect Boldin too see some action. Even if both can play Urban should see a significant amount of snaps since neither were able to practice all week. Urban has decent chemistry with Warner, and we’d expect the Cardinals to attack down field much more than they did week one. Fitz was limited to just five catches and their leading receiver was Tim Hightower with 12 catches. That’s not what you want to see from one of the most dynamic offenses last year.