Raiders Organization currently on Life Support

By Raymond Ayala

The Oakland Raiders have hit rock bottom. If people thought the Detroit Lions organization was bad, enter your 2003 AFC Championship winning Raiders. That was the last time the Raiders even sniffed anything resembling the teams motto of “Generation of Excellence.” That generation of excellence has gone to the gutter, and the loyal fans of the Raiders are struggling with what to do with what already seems like another damned season. The fantasy impact, is plain and simple, don’t have any Raiders on your team.

Jamarcus Russell has been a bust thus far, but I would not give up on him just yet. For 2009, yes he is a dead duck, but in the future I still feel Russell could be a star. It is very rare a quarterback of his size and mobility is available in an NFL Draft. He has the tools, he has the arm, but like the tin man… “If he only had a brain!” After a recent game in Houston, Russell could hardly speak to reporters. Listening to him speak, was like listening to a high school student give a speech in front of a large audience. The guy needs to take some time to learn the playbook, as well as get some help from the Raiders to become a smarter football player. Russell has the tools to be a star quarterback in this league, but the Raiders need to put less emphasis on his physical tools, until he can improve on his mental tools.

Darren McFadden goes down, and so does the Raiders running game. While Michael Bush and Justin Fargas have had their big games, neither should even be thought of as deserving a starting spot in any fantasy league. McFadden has shown yardage increases every game before the injury, but with the terrible offensive line he has, it will be hard for him to have a good game. If you have him, drop him and pick up a backup on a playoff contender over a guy who starts for the Raiders.

Darius Heyward-Bey has been a disappointment. This guy may have speed, but his hands and routes are nowhere near field ready. Heyward-Bey should be returning kicks at this point, and should not even be seeing the playing field other than that. The Raiders will continue to force him out there, but a big game is nowhere in this guys 2009 season. If your in a keeper, hang on to him, but if you are going season to season release him now before it is too late.

The Raiders Organization has a chance to finish the season with just as many felonies on their head coach, as team wins. Head Coach Tom Cable would have been fired from any organization after punching out an assistant, but Al Davis runs the team so he probably just got a contract extension for the deed. The Raiders were once a proud organization that won championship after championship. Now they are the laughing stock of the league, and Al Davis is sitting on his hands doing nothing about it. Until Al Davis appoints someone else in charge, you can kiss any fantasy players from the Raiders goodbye.