Quarterbacks: Out With The Old In With The New

Due to retirement, job demotion, or change of scenery quarterbacks come and go. With that in mind changes are abound as the old filter out and new chances to be a starting quarterback are born. NJG breaks it down in the category of quarterbacks.

Miami: Out: Trent Green, In: Josh McCown/John Beck
If Brady Quinn ever pans out, Miami fans will never get over the fact that the Dolphins chose to sign Trent Green. Everyone knew a team for now was not going to happen with Green and that building for the future was should have been the main objective. Perhaps Ted Ginn Jr. will prove worthy of the ninth choice. First a training camp battle will ensue with John Beck against Josh McCown. It should be a solid battle with no front runner going into camp. McCown has done solid in spot duty starts in Arizona and Oakland, but never has been able to put it together. Dennis Green yanked and reassigned him starter a few times in Arizona, and last season McCown had a few bright games with Oakland but nothing outstanding. Beck’s our favorite to have the job by mid season due to McCown’s past.

Green Bay: Out: Brett Favre, In: Aaron Rodgers
Rodgers steps in with the ageless Favre announcing his retirement. It was a crushing blow to the Packer faithful after last years amazing run. In comes Rodgers who has been learning the game visually from the sideline the last three seasons. In his one game stint last year against the Cowboys, Rodgers showed a glimpse of what he can do. It’ll likely take a good half season to get fully acclimated but Rodgers should be a suitable starter. Much better than the number one pick that year.

Buffalo Bills: Out: JP Losman, In: Trent Edwards
Based upon last seasons games the decision of the Bills to bench Losman made no sense. Edwards did come in and win some games but they were Trent Dilfer type wins. Games won by managing the clock and relying on your defense. Edwards needs to open it up more with the passing game, and at this point does not scratch the surface of a fantasy roster.

Atlanta Falcons: Out: Joey Harrington, In: Chris Redman, Matt Ryan
Hand this starting job over to Ryan before discussions even start. Redman’s a great story line idea to compare coming off being away from the NFL to being pulled back in. He won’t be a Kurt Warner fairy tale and likely won’t touch the field as a starter. Matt Ryan is paid the mega dollars to come in from the gate and grow with this team. Ryan seems to be a quick learner and has some budding young receivers to throw to.

Baltimore Ravens: Out: Steve McNair, In: Kyle Boller
Talk about an athlete that has had numerous shots as a starter. Boller has been a Raven since 2003, and has never been able to lock down or gain the confidence of being a number one quarterback. It’s now or never for Boller as the Ravens are giving him a fantastic opportunity to try and redeem himself one more time. Certain phases of his game have never been doubted. It’s time for him to play like a five year veteran and utilize his skills. Boller is a light sleeper to think about going into your fantasy drafts, only if you draft a sure fire starting quarterback.

Kansas City: Out: Damon Huard, In: Brodie Croyle
Huard’s luck ran out rapidly last season, and in comes Croyle. He got his feet wet last season and did little to stretch the field. Herm Edwards will do his best to keep the young quarterback from having to make too many decisions. Croyle heads into the 08 season as a bottom tier starting quarterback. He’ll have a tough time outdoing his interception to touchdown ratio.


Shaun Hill vs. Alex Smith
Hill came out of no where last season and showed he can be a decent viable option at quarterback. Enough so that he has created a training camp battle against former number one pick Alex Smith. It’ll take an absolute phenomenal effort and poor of Smith to change the guard this quickly in San Francisco. Smith will be the starter heading in, but with Mike Nolan’s job on the line, a switch will happen quickly if Smith doesn’t produce.

Kellen Clemens vs. Chad Pennington
Pennington can try to change his throwing motion all he wants. A starting job is something that one be in his possession come September. Clemens made a lot of poor choices in his action last season but Pennington just doesn’t seem to have recovered from his past injuries. If Pennington has truly healed and can get back to his 2002 form, than it’ll be an easy lock for him. With what happened last year that is highly doubtful.