Quarterback Rankings 9/22/09

By Zack Cimini

Notjustagame unveils its latest new and updated quarterback rankings heading out of week two.

1. Drew Brees- Untouchable among fantasy quarterbacks. Offense is running at will like a power house college team.
2. Philip Rivers- No wonder the Chargers franchised Brees a year and had a difficult time deciding which quarterback to move forward with.
3. Peyton Manning- What he did with less than fifteen minutes with the football might be a quiet legendary story down the road.
4. Eli Manning- He is picking up where we he left off in 2007 and where we expected him to be last year.
5. Tom Brady- Still shaking off the rust but balance to the offense has to develop.
6. Ben Roethlisberger- Has been a winner his whole career but is now not just making plays in the fourth quarter.
7. Matt Schaub- Ascended up this week after torching a Titans defense that was one of the best last year. As long as Andre Johnson stays healthy he’ll keep his numbers up. That and the fact they’ll be throwing a lot.
8. Kurt Warner- The ageless veteran breaks yet another record.
9. Joe Flacco- Has surprised just about everyone with his knack for development. The Ravens are actually letting him play this year and he is stepping up with some big throws.
10. Aaron Rodgers- Not where he needs to be yet but it’s a long season
11. Matt Ryan- Looks like he loves his new tight end
12. Donovan McNabb- Needs probably one more week off
13. Jay Cutler- Led his team to a huge win against the Steelers
14. Trent Edwards- Showing he can get it done but needs to trust his deep ball more.
15. Carson Palmer- Been a way for awhile, but should creep back into the top ten by mid season
16. Matt Cassel- Missed the opener and must find a way to get the Chiefs rolling.
17. Byron Leftwich- His accuracy is proving to be too much of an issue
18. Tony Romo- Has to forget about this last game in a hurry
19. Kyle Orton- Has stayed away from the mistakes and has his team at 2-0
20. Mark Sanchez- The Jets offensive attack has allowed for Sanchez to make plays and you’re starting to see his confidence soar.
21. Kerry Colins- The veterans having a tough time squeaking out the close games like they did a year ago.
22. Matt Hasselbeck- Hopefully he’ll be back within a short time period
23. David Garrard- The Jaguars are going to have many people on the hot seat soon, Garrard and Del Rio will lead it off.
24. Jake Delhomme- Bounced back enough to quiet critics but didn’t get the win.
25. Jason Campbell- Needs to ignore the headlines and attack with aggression
26. Chad Pennington- Should of screamed for a big free agent wide receiver signing, as the Dolphins do not have a true number one receiver.
27. Brett Favre-Sooner or later the Vikings will call on him to air it out.
28. Brady Quinn- No wonder Mangini took forever to announce the fans choice in Quinn
29. Shaun Hill- Singletary has got the ground game going and Hill’s role isn’t quite involved as last year
30. Marc Bulger- Hard to believe he was once a premier elite fantasy quarterback.
31. Matthew Stafford- Will go through the normal rookie growing pains
32. Jamarcus Russell- His performances have been down right atrocious.