Post Week Three Team Rankings

By Zack Cimini

Here are your post week three team rankings. At 3-0, does Denver deserve a position as one of the top teams? With Dallas squeaking out wins and 2-1, are they ranked high enough to grab one of the final playoff spots in the NFC?

Biggest Move Up: Minnesota Vikings. From 10 up to 6
Biggest Decline: Atlanta Falcons. From: 7 to 14

1. New Orleans (1)- Impressive win that showed their defense can step up, or Trent Edwards is just that bad at hitting open targets.
2. Baltimore (2)- This team is growing by the week. When is Flacco going to have that let down game, and how will he respond from it?
3. Indianapolis Colts (3)- Manning is on his way to another MVP type year
4. NY Jets (4)- Hand over the coach of the year award to Rex Ryan already
5. NY Giants(6) – Question marks with injuries all over their defense, and what do they do, shut out the Buccaneers.
6. Minnesota Vikings (10)- Offense and defense had their ups and downs this past week but pulled it together when needed.
7. San Diego Chargers (9)- Are going to need LT back soon and defense to step up in order to be an elite team.
8. San Francisco 49ers (8)- They’ll be the third different team in three years to win the NFC West
9. New England (12)- Brady’s half time rant was exactly what the Pats needed.
10. Pittsburgh Steelers (5)- We’re not worried about their start
11. Philadelphia Eagles (13)- True test will be how they fare against their divisional opponents
12. Dallas Cowboys (16)- Not winning pretty but getting it done.
13. Denver Broncos (11)- We’ve seen these waves of success from the Broncos before. They are doing a great job running the ball effectively and relying on their defense.
14. Atlanta Falcons (7)- They’re going to need to find a way to win on the road, or a repeat of last years first round playoff exit will happen again. As they will be headed to the NFC West’s home field once again.
15. Green Bay Packers (17)- Tough to gauge the Packers right now. Ryan Grant must step it up and the return of Chad Clifton will help both Rodgers stay off his back, and Grant to hit holes cleaner.
16. Chicago Bears (18)- Matt Forte where are you?
17. Cincinnati Bengals (23)- Cedric Benson is a great story. Hand him the comeback player of the year. He was supposed to do what every other high pick draft bust does. Be cut by his former team sign a basic meager deal, and then be cast off and forgotten.
18. Arizona Cardinals (14)- If Whisenhunt’s going to call the plays he needs to balance the attack. Warner and this team are not going to get away with airing it out 90% of the time like they did last season.
19. Jacksonville Jaguars (22)- Suddenly the Jaguars have one of the bottom five defenses in the league. That means a .500 season
20. Buffalo Bills (15)- One more week before the TO show season two begins. Give Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Harvard alum, another shot as a starter (Rams, Bengals).
21. Houston Texans (19)- They’re becoming a mini version of the Saints, except a few notches below in the fire power.
22. Tennessee Titans (20)- Special teams cost them a shot at bouncing back and getting their first win. They’ll be ok, as the AFC is not quite as dangerous as last year. They’ll need to get it going and they should be able to hang around and have a shot at the last wild card spot.
23. Carolina Panthers (21)- It’s time for a franchise make over. John Fox has been there for quite some time.
24. Seattle Seahawks (24)- Played their guts out but Cutler proved to be too much.
25. Miami Dolphins (27)- A year ago the Dolphins were winning the type of games they’re losing now. It’s going to get ugly quickly for the Dolphins.
26. Oakland Raiders (25)- Tom Cable may be swinging at Jamarcus Russell here real soon
27. Washington Redskins (26)- Tell us how the finger pointing is at Jason Campbell who threw for 340 yards, two touchdowns and only one pick?
28. Detroit Lions (31)- Might be able to hit the three win mark this season.
29. Cleveland Browns (28)- Ugliest quarterback back and forth switch since Rob Johnson/Doug Flutie.
30. Kansas City (30)- There’s no hope for the Chiefs.
31. Tampa Bay (29)- We called Leftwich’s benching weeks ago. He should have never been named starter. Where the Bucs went wrong is letting Jeff Garcia go. He would have this team 2-1 right now
32. St. Louis (32)- Give Boller a shot and move on from the Marc Bulger era.