Post Week Four Team Rankings

By Zack Cimini

The 2009 season is 25 percent complete with a month In the books. The team rankings are staying fairly steady. Are the Patriots back in the top ten with their win vs. the Ravens? Which 4-0 team is the best?

Biggest Mover: Denver Broncos from 11 to 6
Biggest Decline: Dallas Cowboys from 12 to 17

1. New Orleans (1)- Brees hasn’t had the stellar games the past few weeks but it’s the defense stepping up a few notches
2. Indianapolis Colts (3)- Four straight 300 yard games for Manning, unbelievable. Wait for Bob Sanders to make his way back onto the field. \
3. NY Giants (6)- Just need to get Brandon Jacobs on track.
4. Baltimore (2)- Flacco played his guts out on the road. This loss will prove to have more value than most losses come January.
5. Minnesota (6)- Favre is gun-slinging away for the Vikings. Can he hold up the second half this season this time?
6. Denver Broncos (11)- You have to give credit to winning and Denver’s doing just that.
7. NY Jets (4)- Suffered a tough loss but should rebound and remain a top ten team all season.
8. New England (9)- Still not sold on the Pats getting it done with their old Brady philosophy. They must develop a week to week reliable ground game.
9. San Francisco 49ers (8)- Signed Crabtree and should get a mix of plays within a few short weeks.
10. Pittsburgh Steelers (10)- They must stop blowing leads and be able to put teams away without giving Mike Tomlin a heart attack every week.
11. Philadelphia Eagles (11)- McNabb’s back and ready to get this team rolling.
12. Atlanta Falcons (14)- Seem to be suited for the fifth or sixth wild card seed.
13. Chicago Bears (18)- They’re winning ugly but Cutler seems to be gaining strides with this offense every week.
14. Cincinnati Bengals (17)- If not for a crazy catch by Brandon Stokely this team would actually be 4-0.
15. Jacksonville Jaguars (19)- The most dominant win of the weekend over a team in the Titans that absolutely needed a victory.
16. Green Bay Packers (15)- Must protect their investment better in Aaron Rodgers
17. Dallas Cowboys (12)- No one seems to know what’s wrong with this team.
18. Arizona (18)- Did the early bye week wake this team up?
19. Houston Texans (21)- Slaton seems to be getting it together after two miserable games to start the season.
20. Carolina Panthers (23)- This team is too talented to not run off a solid win streak.
21. Miami Dolphins (25)- The wildcat is so basic but seems to be unstoppable. Another week of 250 yards plus on the ground.
22. Washington Redskins (27)- Even at 2-2 they’re drop below .500 is just a matter of playing more games. They’re in the toughest division in football and they’re record will show coming out of it.
23. Tennessee Titans (23)- What a difference a year makes.
24. Seattle Seahawks (24)- Seneca Wallace isn’t playing bad filling in for Matt Hasselbeck. Maybe the team should make the chance to the future.
25. Cleveland Browns (29)- Played tough in their loss to the Bengals. Mangini made the right move in inserting Anderson.
26. Buffalo Bills (20)- Maybe that week one disastrous finish against the Patriots played more of an affect to this team than we thought.
27. Cleveland Browns (29)- They’ll be drafting a running back with their top eight selection next season.
28. Detroit Lions (28)- They’re still not winning many games but at least they’re competing.
29. Oakland Raiders (26)- Might be the worst looking offense from top to bottom in the 2000s
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (31)- So why wasn’t Josh Freeman declared starter over Josh Johnson?
31. Kansas City Chiefs (30)- Investing in Matt Cassel so quickly might be the dumbest move of the offseason.
32. St. Louis Rams (32)- It’s getting real ugly for the Rams.