Point Guard Rankings 12/12

By Zack Cimini

As the NBA season gets more than a quarter ways complete, there has definitely been a lot of young stars making their names and prescence known. Call it instant impact. More and more young talent is actually reversing the old common thought, which was to draft based on talent and wait and see. They’re able to come in and pay quick dividends through their common will, determination and preparation. Either that or it’s just been a good class of youngsters the last three years. This is what we do know. The league is getting younger, more talented and somehow less defensive.

For our compilation of rankings of points guards you’ll see plenty of rookies intermixed. Where will they fall from a fantasy perspective amongst the core of veterans and other young point guards?

Obviously these rankings are based on Yahoo’s ability to start at the position of point guard.

1. Steve Nash
2. Chris Paul
3. Deron Williams
4. Dwayne Wade
5. Brandon Roy
6. Gilbert Arenas
7 Jason Kidd
8 Monta Ellis
9 Joe Johnson
10Rajon Rondo
11 Tyreke Evans
12 Brandon Jennings
13 Tony Parker
14 Chauncey Billups
15. Derrick Rose
16 Russell Westbrook
17 Baron Davis
18 Jason Terry
19 Mo Williams
20. Rodney Stuckey
21 Louis Williams (Injured)
22Aaron Brooks
23Jonny Flynn
24Beno Udrih
25Steph Curry
26. Raymond Felton
27. Chris Douglas Roberts
28. Andre Miller
29. Jose Calderon
30. Mike Bibby
31. Luke Ridnour
32. Mario Chalmers
33. Jamal Crawford
34. Will Bynum
35Chris Duhon
36 Mike Conley
37 Steve Blake
38. Jason Williams
39. James Harden
40. Ty Lawson
41. TJ Ford