NBA: Shooting Guard Rankings 12/19

By Zack Cimini

As the football regular season winds down look for notjustagame to provide more content geared towards your fantasy basketball leagues. There has been an unusual amount of early season injuries this year in the NBA. Most teams across the board have been affected strongly by this. Another factor is the league is much younger. The last three to four years of drafts have started to embed rosters heavily percentage wise on the younger side.

Unlike in fantasy football wheeling and dealing players on your team is a must. You can be overloaded in one position unexpectedly. Be a true manager and make the sacrifices early on before you bury yourself too far down the standings to make a run. The impact of the waiver wire also needs to be a daily scouring activity. This time of year you can really see some managers in leagues that are use to checking in and participating in their fantasy football leagues. In football it requires less maintenance than the day too day max views necessary of your nba team. Get on top of those lazy owners early if you have not already.

Shooting Guard Rankings

1. Kobe Bryant- His spot forever unless he is out due to injury
2. Kevin Durant- Gaining weight to play with the big boys does not look like it will ever bother him.
3. Dwayne Wade- Being on a dismal team seems to be affecting his pysche
4. Monta Ellis- Perfect Don Nelson system player
5. Andre Iguodala- Doing much more than people are noticing.
6. Joe Johnson- Wonder if Phoenix ever regrets letting him go.
7. Brandon Roy- Roy is excelling in different areas of his game every night. One night he is able to do it off the dribble, another he can drain perimeter shots like it’s nothing. He is letting the game come to him and not pressing.
8. Tyreke Evans- Proving that the high school jump needs to be permitted for some athletes. Maybe they should create a board to evaluate seniors in high school, and see if their NBA talent. In the long run keeping an athlete of Evans caliber away from the NBA for a year is doing more harm to his family and college for being one and done.
9. Caron Butler- In shape thanks to not doing the dew.
10. Danny Granger- Even though he is out three more weeks Granger is duplicating last years effort and officially a nightly force in the NBA.
11. Trevor Ariza- Houston is just one of those franchises that knows what they’re doing. The Lakers drew the praise for stealing Artest away and gladly letting Ariza depart. Ariza has been playing with a toughness and leadership level no one saw in him.
12. Vince Carter- It’s hard to believe Carter is in his 13th year. Carter still has the rare athleticism very alive in him. Off balanced shots are just a blip of his regular repertoire.
13. Rodney Stuckey- When Detroit made the move to bring Stuckey in and Iverson to the bench they knew what they were doing.
14. OJ Mayo- Sort of having a semi step back start to his 09 year.
15. Luol Deng- Responding well from his injury prone 08 year.
16. Ben Gordon- No one is as lethal when he is on.
17. Richard Hamilton- Has increased production
18. Paul Pierce- Just one of those wily veterans that picks his spots to perfection during a game.
19. Jamal Crawford- The definition of instant offense. One of the main reasons for Atlanta’s surprising success.
20. Louis Williams- Set to return this week.
21. Stephen Jackson- Hated wherever he is but is one of those players that stays in the NBA because he has exceptional talent.
22. Jason Terry- Is as hot and cold a shooter there is but never loses the confidence to chuck up that basketball.

The Rest

23. Eric Gordon
24. Chris Douglas-Roberts
25. Hedo Turkoglu
26. Mike Dunleavy
27. Ray Allen
28. J.R. Smith
29. Jonny Flynn
30. Steph Curry
31. Jason Richardson
32. John Salmons
33. Wilson Chandler
34. Raymond Felton
35. Ron Artest
36. Will Bynum
37. Allen Iverson
38. Josh Howard
39. Michael Redd
40. Manu Ginobli
41. Dahntay Jones
42. Corey Brewer
43. Grant Hill
44. Courtney Lee
45. Ty Lawson
46. Leandro Barbosa
47. Terrence Williams
48. Quentin Richardson
49. Mike Miller
50. Eddie House