By: Raymond Ayala

He held his ground, until he could hold that ground no longer. Michael Crabtree and his agent Eugene Parker finally caved in to the 49ers demands and signed a fair slot value deal. With this signing the 49ers(3-1) add another weapon to an already stacked arsenal. The 49ers have already seen great offensive production from Vernon Davis, as well as Frank Gore. Though Gore has been hurt, he is expected to return after the 49ers upcoming bye week. Coincidentally that will also make the Crabtree-Era as he is expected to make his debut in that same game. Some may argue that Crabtree is a diva that has yet to prove anything in the NFL yet. Well I am about to tell you five good reasons why you made a good decision if you drafted Crabtree in your fantasy league.

1) Crabtree is the best Wide Receiver to ever come out of college football. Regardless of what you say about his attitude, his stats speak for themselves. In 2 full seasons he had 231 receptions, 3,127 yards and 41 touchdowns.
2) He’s got the perfect wide-receiver frame. Watching clips of him makes you think of Michael Irvin, watching him run his mouth he makes you think of Terrell Owens. Combine the two into one super receiver and you got yourself Michael Crabtree.
3) He plays for a team that is in playoff contention. The 49ers are showing the entire NFL that they are the real deal this year. With early wins against the division favorite Arizona Cardinals, Crabtree could be the key to a double-digit win season for the 49ers. Which means more fantasy points for his contributions.
4) He plays in an offense where the current leading receiver is Vernon Davis, a Tight End. This just shows that Vernon is a good weapon for the 49ers, but Crabtree will be an even better compliment. Crabtree and Davis are probably two of the most athletic people in the NFL, with Patrick Willis a freak in his own right.
5) They paid him big money, so he has to show big play ability. Hey he may fail in the end, but he has one heck of a contract to live up to and my gut tells me he lives up to it. The ball is literally in Crabtree’s court. Even if this season does not pan out, the guy is still 22 years old. I think Hill gets a good repertoire going with him and he finishes the year with 600 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns. Not bad for a guy only playing in 12 games.