Matt Schaub: Rob Johnson or A Good Move?

Not often can a backup quarterback get the deal of a lifetime without even showcasing a full season of starting work. Somehow the Houston Texans figured the clips they saw of Schaub was enough. They axed out David Carr instead of using that money to build him an offensive line. Something he never had the honors of having in front of him. Maybe they figured his body took too much of a beating and did not want to vest any other amount after Tony Boselli (Never played a down for them, as the expansion pick of the Texans).

By ridding themselves of their former franchise number one pick, David Carr, they did one thing, and that’s just a quarterback shuffle to Matt Schaub. What did the Texans see to believe Schaub is a better choice than remaining with Carr or drafting a quarterback? Schaub is either going to pay the price for every dollar he is going to receive over the next six years, or he is going to get this team to the level they were a few years ago when they showed some life at 7-9.

We’ve all seen it before where backup quarterbacks that have somewhat of a skill set, have great debuts when the start in relief duty. This springs interest usually to some franchises to sign that player as a free agent. The Rob Johnson’s and Kelly Holcomb’s of the world come and go, and if Schaub happens to be that then this could really blow up in Houston’s face. The city already witnessed the Texans bypass Bush when they knew Domanick Williams was struggling with injuries. Bush could careless now, as he is on a franchise that has winning in front of them, and the Texans can only stay at the bottom.

Schaub has the size and skill to have a solid career, but so did David Carr. If Houston isn’t willing to invest more on a team than a player, then Schaub will be wishing he was never traded. Having Ahman Green as the starting running back is questionable as well. Yes he has been one of the better running backs in the early to mid 2000’s, but his days as an elite running back are more behind then ahead of him. He struggled through injuries the past few seasons with the Packers and was expendable at that point. On top of that he is very prone to fumbling the football.

All we are saying is that fantasy owners should not bank on Matt Schaub being a sleeper quarterback. Talk of Schaub being the free agent signing that transforms into a fantasy stud like Drew Brees last year should stop before they start. He is unproven which Brees had been a Pro Bowler already. We also have yet to see how he handles being an every Sunday starter, or how he adjusts to defensive coordinator’s adjustments after they get their hands on Schaub footage.

Once coordinator’s can feel and dissect Schaub out then we’ll be able to see if he has a fantasy future. Right now the only concern for fantasy owners should be if they think they should be worried with Schaub as their backup. With that offensive line Schaub might not be able to tough it out like Carr did. So if you do draft Schaub as your backup you better have a great starting quarterback.